Alleged Illegally Filmed Indecent Video Taken In Bang Yedam’s Studio Sparks Controversy

Alleged Illegally Filmed Indecent Video Taken In Bang Yedam’s Studio Sparks Controversy

On May 2, 2024, actor Lee Seo Han‘s Instagram suddenly exploded with comments demanding him to explain himself. A netizen on X (formerly Twitter) had accused him of uploading an illegally filmed indecent video. The matter grew bigger when fans realized that the video had been taken in soloist Bang Yedam‘s personal music studio.

Making the controversy about the video taken in Bang Ye Dam’s studio a public topic.

— wiihiiee

Lee Seo Han had uploaded a video of two people on a couch in a dimly-lit room. In the netizen’s accusation, the screenshot was censored. It was said that Lee Seo Han took the story down in around an hour.

| @wiihiiee/X

The netizen then explained the situation, accusing Lee Seo Han of possessing and spreading the indecent video.

| @wiihiiee/X

“1. Actor Lee Seo Han, Bang Yedam’s friend, uploaded a video that was guessed to have been illegally filmed.

2. Because of the quality of the video, we cannot clearly see their faces and bodies, but it is a video of a man fingering someone.

3. The story was deleted around an hour after it was uploaded.

4. The video was taken in Bang Yedam’s studio, which has previously been shown to the public on YouTube.

5. It was guessed that the person who filmed it took it from the bathroom. The video is shaky too.

6. We cannot know from the video if the person who filmed it acted by themselves or had planned it [with the man in the video], or if both are not responsible for the video.

7. I think this needs to be publicized and investigated because it seems like an illegally filmed video is being spread.”

— wiihiiee

They continue to claim that although it is the personal privacy of the people who are engaging in the act, it seems abnormal for it to have been filmed and spread.

“Seems like they either filmed it from the small space between the door and wall that you can see in the video, or from the inside of the bathroom. These two angles are enough to suspect that it could have been illegally filmed. The man on the sofa has his pants off, and I wonder if the person filming it and the people in the video discussed the filming prior. If it is merely them engaging in their private matters, then it does not matter, but if it was filmed illegally, then this matter cannot be buried. That is why I am uploading this.”

— wiihiiee

The studio was previously shown through Bang Ye Dam’s YouTube channel.

Since the accusation, Lee Seo Han has uploaded an apology. He clarified that the studio does indeed belong to Bang Ye Dam, but the video was not illegally filmed. He clarified that it has been taken amongst men as a joke.

The video that was uploaded yesterday was a joke between men. I am sorry to Yedam and his fans as it was filmed in his studio. I hope that people stop guessing at and misunderstanding the video in the future. I’m sorry to those who were affected after watching it. I’ll be more careful.

— Lee Seo Han

Bang Yedam has not spoken up on the matter.

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