3rd Gen K-Pop Idol’s New Songs Deemed Unfit For Broadcast Due To Sexual Lyrics And More

3rd Gen K-Pop Idol’s New Songs Deemed Unfit For Broadcast Due To Sexual Lyrics And More

KARD‘s BM is making his solo comeback on May 7 with his first EP Element, which includes collaborations with Jay Park and fellow KARD member Somin.

BM 1st EP ‘Element’

Track List

1. Embers
2. Nectar (Feat. Jay Park) *TITLE
3. Loyalty
4. Motion
5. Badgirl Badboy (Feat. SOMIN of KARD)

2024.05.07 6PM(KST)#KARD #BM#카드 #비엠#박재범 #JayPark#전소민 #SOMIN#Element pic.twitter.com/qOwojEOV99

— KARD (카드) (@KARD_Official) April 30, 2024

KARD is known to push boundaries with suggestive lyrics and choreography. Yet, BM especially has gone viral, for his explicit solo music, and his upcoming EP will be no different.

KBS has deemed all the songs on his upcoming solo mini-album “unsuitable for broadcast.” Reportedly, KBS’ music review results were announced on May 1, and each Element song, including the title track “Nectar,” is inappropriate for broadcast.

According to KBS, “Nectar” is unsuitable due to overly sexual lyrics, and “Loyalty” is problematic due to the mentioning of brands (it violates Article 46 of Broadcasting Review Regulations, which restrict advertising). The other three songs, “Embers,” “Motion,” and “Badgirl Badboy,” were all deemed unfit for broadcast due to coarse language (profanity, vulgar expressions, slang, etc.) and explicit sexual lyrics.

If BM chooses to, he can modify such lyrics and be reconsidered. If the edit is approved, it can be promoted via KBS programs. At this time, BM’s agency, DSP Media, said that only “Nectar,” the title track, will be requested for reconsideration.

BM reposted the news concerning his “unfit” songs via X (formerly Twitter). He responded with the highlight medley.

While were on that topic heres the
BM 1st EP ‘Element’ Highlight Medleyhttps://t.co/FuIiM0bPz3 https://t.co/TTqD13F8PM

— BM (@_bigmatthewww) May 2, 2024

BM will also soon embark on his first solo tour, After the After Party, beginning May 14 in Los Angeles. He will perform several shows in the U.S.

Not ready for the night to end?
Join us for the ATAP tour After Parties!

Official After Parties with BM in attendance will be held in Chicago, Atlanta, and DC.

Do not fret, we will still continue the fun in the other cities! Unofficial After Parties will be held in Dallas,… pic.twitter.com/Og5cNbhqdd

— Konnect’d Ent. (@KonnectdEnt) April 15, 2024

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