SEVENTEEN’s New Album Thrown Away In Bulk On The Streets Of Japan

SEVENTEEN’s New Album Thrown Away In Bulk On The Streets Of Japan

K-Pop idol group SEVENTEEN recently dropped the best album, 17 IS RIGHT HERE, and released the music video for the title track, “MAESTRO.”

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But recently, online posts and videos of SEVENTEEN albums being thrown away in bulk on the streets of Japan became a hot issue. The post below garnered over 1 million views from online users and fans.

渋谷公園通りにseventeenのベストアルバムがダンボールごと廃棄されていました…これは酷い… #SEVENTEEN #セブンティーン #세븐틴

— 渋谷NEWS (@Sugatch27) April 30, 2024

There was also a sign that read, “Feel free to take any you want” next to the albums in Shibuya. Fans were disappointed to see so many people take this as an opportunity to buy in bulk for the photo cards and codes instead of respecting the group’s hard work and effort put into the album.


— – ̗̀ ̖́- (@aexbts2) April 30, 2024

Fans were also shocked to see all the albums dumped on the side of the road. It was also revealed that many CARATs that couldn’t even buy some of the versions because opportunists bought so many to gain profit.


— ま (@jah_rk32) May 1, 2024

Netizens felt the system for buying albums needed a drastic change.

Netizen comments | theqoo Netizen comments | theqoo “So much trash is accumulated due to falling for these commercial tactics. This is going to affect future generations.” “They need to limit how many a person can buy. These sellers need to stop buying in bulk. And it’s time just to sell photo cards and not whole albums.” “Are they throwing away the album after taking out the photo card or the code? “Sellers/opportunists need to f*ck off.” “So am I understanding this right? Sellers buy in bulk for the code->leave the albums they don’t need->and throw away the outbox part they don’t need->which is what the photo shows?” “It’s not the time to be proud of album sales looking at this…what is that.”

Hopefully these sellers can be stopped so that artists’ efforts and hard work are not thrown away like this. Check out the official music video below!

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