Rumored Lineup For Mnet’s “Road To Kingdom 2” Is Released — Netizens Have Mixed Reactions

Rumored Lineup For Mnet’s “Road To Kingdom 2” Is Released — Netizens Have Mixed Reactions

In 2020, Mnet held the first series of Road To Kingdom, which saw groups compete for a chance to appear on the show Kingdom through their performances and fan votes. The lineup saw a range of experiences, with the likes of PENTAGON (who debuted in 2016), Golden Child (who debuted in 2017), and TO1 (who joined the show only weeks after debuting in 2020).

The members of PENTAGON The members of Golden Child The members of TO1 (formerly TOO during the show)

It was recently revealed that the show would be returning for a second series.

On May 1, an alleged lineup of the show was released, including groups like CRAVITY, ATBO, xikers, THE NEW SIX, YOUNITE, and 8TURN.

‘Road To Kingdom 2’ reportedly full Line Up:


— Kpop Charts (@kchartsmaster) May 1, 2024

When the rumored lineup was released, the reactions were very different. Some fans used the announcement to share clips of the groups to get fans excited.

Those of us who have seen The New Six performances literally live know how extremely talented the boys are. An award does not define you as the best, the ability to make excellent presentations separates you from the rest.
And the Mexican public knows it #THENEWSIX #더뉴식스

— 𝓜𝒂𝒓ꪶ𝒊04 Waiting for Yoongi (@Marligi04) May 1, 2024

I just want to tell youniz to be the force for younite in this challenge, and let’s protect them from any damage that outside the program they may have. They only have us and we are going to give everything to support them

we can do this, ily youniz

— eve (@younitekr) May 1, 2024

PLS PLS PLS SUPPORT ATBO they’re so talented like pls guys this is their 3rd survival show in like 2 years

— ʚïɞ (@gvnwkie) May 1, 2024

The 5th gen performance kings are gonna kill it!

— (@trickytricky_10) May 1, 2024

But others were confused by the disparity in the groups’ experience. In particular, while the first season saw groups with a wide range, the new lineup saw a huge difference when it came to the groups and CRAVITY, who debuted back in 2020.

atbo, 8turn, tnx, younite: 0 music show wins
cravity: FIVE music show wins

how are these groups even in the same category?

— sofiaᵛ (@markderys) May 1, 2024

why is cravity here the show is for mid tier groups and they are just above that level idk it’s not rlly fair for the other groups with a smaller chance of winning

— k ❀*•ˊ𖧷 (@siyoonluvr) May 1, 2024

if this is real… isn’t this a bit too big of a popularity difference not to be rude to any of the groups but like. cravity being the only group with ANY music show wins and having 5 at that, one being on mubank

— kait (@offseongmin) May 1, 2024

Fans of CRAVITY also shared their anger as the group is overworked, and netizens know how exhausting this kind of show can be, both physically and mentally.

Cravity are already overworked enough as it is I don’t think they should join this show….

— rirae au ✵ saw ZB1 (@youngumis) May 1, 2024

When it came to ATBO, netizens shared their sympathy as the members have to do another survival show, blaming the poor management of IST Entertainment.

byu/psshdjndofnsjdkan from discussion

byu/psshdjndofnsjdkan from discussion

Mnet’s survival shows have always struck fear in the hearts of netizens, especially when it comes to idols that have already debuted. With a history of overworking idols and “evil-editing,” fans are hoping the groups participating will benefit more than any issues that might happen.

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