Messages Of Support For ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin & NewJeans Hung Up In Shibuya, Japan

Messages Of Support For ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin & NewJeans Hung Up In Shibuya, Japan

Reactions from netizens have been mixed in the ongoing feud between HYBE Labels and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin. With all of the accusations and hostile interactions between the two parties, some have taken the sides of one or the other, while others try to remain neutral as the fallout pans out.

Min Hee Jin has been getting quite a bit of support from Korean netizens, though, especially after the director of NewJeans‘ “Bubble Gum” music video shared a private message they had with Min just a day before HYBE’s audit on the CEO was released.

Min Hee Jin | ADOR

But it seems like it’s not just Korean netizens that are sending their support to Hee Jin. Recently, an event was held in Shibuya, Japan in support of NewJeans at the Shibuya 109 shopping mall for their 45th anniversary campaign.

| The Qoo

[ 240426] NewJeans x SHIBUYA109 for their 45th anniversary campaign!

SHIBUYA109 Shibuya Store#NewJeans #뉴진스 #ニュジ

— NewJeans Central (@NewJeansCentral) April 26, 2024

At the event, fans were given the opportunity to leave messages and drawings to support the members of NewJeans, but they weren’t the only people mentioned on the messages!

| The Qoo

Multiple of the heart-shaped messages included drawings and messages for Min Hee Jin as well, with some even depicting her in the infamous outfit she wore at her explosive press conference.

| The Qoo | The Qoo | The Qoo

Korean netizens are reacting with amusement to the messages.

“I’m going crazy lol.” “Overthrow Bang Si Hyuk lol.” “All the messages are beautiful, lol, there are a lot of pictures, and they are cute.” “But the fans are also good at drawing and decorating beautifully.” “I want NewJeans babies to see this…” “Min Hee Jin’s press conference clothes, lol, overthrow Bang Si Hyuk. NewJeans babies, want you to see this and cheer up.” “They’re all cute.” “Everyone is angry, but it’s cute lol.” “Wow, everyone from other countries across the ocean knows, stupid b*stards.” “I was looking at it seriously, and then I saw Min Hee Jin’s picture and lost it lol.”

We’ll have to wait and see if and how people’s opinions continue to change as more information regarding the situation is released.

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