Inside The Iconic Inkigayo Cafeteria

An exciting part of performing at Inkigayo for idols is that it gives them a chance to visit the famous Inkigayo cafeteria.

[Video could not be displayed]Kep1er is excited to see the Inkigayo cafeteria.

Though the polarizing Inkigayo sandwich is no longer a thing, there is still a delicious food selection that many idols look forward to eating.

SEVENTEEN with the Inkigayo sandwich.

Rookie group ILLIT recently shared their first time going to the iconic cafeteria and vlogged their experiences.

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Upon arrival, Moka noticed a sign prepared by the staff congratulating the members on their debut!

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The members also got heart-shaped ppeongtwigi, puffed rice crackers, as a gift.

[Video could not be displayed]

Members Minju and Yunah arrived and ordered their meals, consisting of seaweed soup, kimchi albap, and more.

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The cafeteria has tables for idols to sit at and enjoy their meals, so the members took a seat and filmed a mini mukbang.

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The girls ate their ppeongtwigi for dessert before signing off, but the angles of the video helped show an exclusive sneak peek into what the Inkigayo cafeteria is really like.

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The small and intimate cafeteria is neat and stocked with all kinds of food and snacks, as shown in the background. There’s adequate seating space for idols and staff to sit and enjoy a snack or meal during their wait time.

| ILLIT/Youtube  

You can also catch a glimpse of the cafeteria in content from other idols like TXT and MONSTA X who filmed vlogs and took photos in the room.

TXT’s Yeonjun MONSTA X

Check out the full video of ILLIT exploring the cafeteria below.

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