Friend Of TWICE Tzuyu’s Mom Goes On Air And Exposes Alleged Unfair Treatment Of The Idol

Friend Of TWICE Tzuyu’s Mom Goes On Air And Exposes Alleged Unfair Treatment Of The Idol

A veteran celebrity known to be a friend of TWICE Tzuyu‘s mom went on air to talk about the alleged unfair treatment of the idol by JYP Entertainment.

Matilda Tao | @momoleelee/Instagram

Matilda Tao is a famous singer-turned-TV-show-host who debuted more than 30 years ago in Taiwan. When she and her children visited Korea in 2023, Tzuyu and her mom showed them around, proving the close relationship between the two families.

Matilda Tao, Tzuyu’s mom, Tzuyu (top; left to right) | @momoleelee/Instagram

Recently, controversy erupted after Tzuyu’s fellow member Jihyo appeared in a teaser video for a variety show, seemingly resembling Tzuyu’s serious apology video in 2016.

Jihyo (left) and Tzuyu (right) in their respective videos.

Netizens believed this was disrespectful to Tzuyu and opened up old wounds unnecessarily. This part of the teaser was eventually removed, and the production team apologized.

On April 30, prompted by the controversy, Matilda Tao went on air to talk about the incident and the alleged unfair treatment of Tzuyu by her agency.

Matilda Tao showing off her Tzuyu merchandise. | 周子瑜_TZUYU养鱼手册/Weibo

Firstly, she introduced and briefly commented on the details of the controversy.

“When you copied the video, did you think it was funny? Was it funny? I don’t think anyone would laugh. Or did you think that would bring more attention?”

– Matilda Tao

Matilda Tao talking about Tzuyu. | 周子瑜_TZUYU养鱼手册/Weibo

Then, she talked about Tzuyu allegedly being shelved and suppressed by JYP Entertainment.

“Out of the nine members, do you know how Tzuyu ranks in terms of Instagram followers? Tzuyu has 13.22 million Instagram followers. How would you arrange their activities, like releasing a solo album, if you were their boss? [Other host: ‘Of course, you would give more jobs to the ones ranked higher.’] Right?

According to fans, she’s not currently an ambassador of any brand. She ranks last in the group. After 2021, she’s never shot a magazine cover by herself. She’s also in the bottom 3 regarding the length of solo parts in group songs since their debut. This does not match up with her popularity.

Other than Jeongyeon and Tzuyu, everyone else has been to fashion week. With her body and visuals, she’s like a goddess. She’s so suitable for fashion week but has never actually been to one. So I think fans would think this is unfair.”

– Matilda Tao

Matilda Tao talking about Tzuyu. | 周子瑜_TZUYU养鱼手册/Weibo

She also touched on the circumstances surrounding TWICE’s contract renewals in 2022.

“You have to know that, under such circumstances, Tzuyu was still willing to renew her contract – why? She considered the interests of everyone. If she was the only one not to renew, then TWICE would become eight. Also, she actually told me privately that her TWICE unnies treat her very well. Please treat her better, CEO. Wouldn’t that increase the company’s income? She has fans all over the world. She can sing too. She’s covered a lot of English songs, and her voice is very good. They all dance well. So, why is the agency like this?”

– Matilda Tao

Matilda Tao talking about Tzuyu. | 周子瑜_TZUYU养鱼手册/Weibo

Finally, she discussed the controversy surrounding Jihyo’s teaser clip in more depth.

“They apologized to fans, but why did no one apologize to Tzuyu? Don’t they think Tzuyu felt hurt? [Other host: ‘If they apologized to Tzuyu, they would’ve essentially admitted to having targeted her.’] Ah, so they definitely can’t apologize to her.

I was wondering, how many people would’ve had to drop the ball for the teaser to be released? [Other host: ‘Or how many people would’ve had to agree to it.’] Right. For all of TWICE’s performances, videos, shootings, endorsements, and others, TWICE’s boss has to agree to all of it first, right? So, does that mean they agreed to it? What about the managers who accompanied Jihyo to the shooting? Did you all agree to it, too? Did you ever think that this was wrong to do? And of course, the production crew. All of these parties had to agree to it before it was done.

This is why I wanted to talk about this today. Why is Tzuyu being treated like this? Why?”

– Matilda Tao

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Friend Of TWICE Tzuyu’s Mom Goes On Air And Exposes Alleged Unfair Treatment Of The Idol

— Koreaboo (@Koreaboo) May 1, 2024

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