NewJeans’ Hanni Models New, Choppy Hairstyle In Cosmopolitan Pictorial

NewJeans’ Hanni Models New, Choppy Hairstyle In Cosmopolitan Pictorial

For the May issue of Cosmopolitan KoreaNewJeans member Hanni shot a pictorial for Gucci in which she modeled a new, choppy hairstyle and flexed her modeling abilities.

Hanni (NewJeans) | ADOR

In a couple of the photos, the idol showcases choppy bangs not unlike those she debuted in the group’s recently released “Bubble Gum” music video (albeit shorter in this instance), a look that arguably not everyone could pull off, but she definitely does!

The style gives her a youthful, playful aura, paired with adorable freckles and minimal but flattering makeup.

She also had different hairstyles for some of the other photos, including those more similar to her usual style, paired with a pink blush and dewy complexion.

It really shows how Hanni’s visuals can work with all kinds of styling, even more unconventional ones, and she still looks gorgeous! Her modeling abilities allows her to pull off a variety of moods too, from cute to cool to quirky and everything in between.

Here’s how Korean netizens are reacting to the beautiful pictorial.

“It’s completely unique.” “It’s so good.” “It’s our treasure baby bunny…” “She’s really cute and pretty.” “The late 90s and early 2000s trends are coming back.” “It’s f*cking good, it’s pretty.” “Wow, the pictorial is good, the concept is perfect.” “Short hair looks better than I imagined.” “Wow, it’s really like early ’00s, she’s so pretty.” “NewJeans is good at taking pictures.”

We’re curious to see what Hanni’s stylists try with her next!

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