Jeff Fresh brings much needed new flavor to the music industry

Jeff Fresh brings much needed new flavor to the music industry

Finding inspiration in all genres of music, rising artist Jeff Fresh creates songs that are relatable to all walks of life.

Born in Pompano, Florida, the freshest kid on the block grew up to become none other than the one and only artist, Jeff Fresh. Having the freshest sneakers, cars, watches, and snapbacks since his adolescent years, it’s no surprise that he has manifested that persona into his career as an artist. During his upbringing, Jeff would move between Ft. Lauderdale and Haiti. The new culture and landscape would change his life forever. By means of his grandparents, Jeff was introduced to the popular Haitian traditional style, Kompa. It was the start to his path of falling in love with music.

Over time, his passion grew, and he would discover the thriving, multicultural scene of South Florida. With that, Jeff looked forward to his destiny and never turned back. He would become an artist that had the unique ability to work with producers around the world and create something beautiful to the ear no matter the different culture or style. His mind gets wrapped in the beat and the instruments have a way of inspiring the direction of the song. This creative process of his has been the source of many masterpieces in the booth. His sound is beyond just that of a rapper, but an artist whose boundaries are nonexistent. Jeff is unchained from boxing his creativity within any space or form, but allows it to flourish as it pleases. His style has in turn taken a sound that combines dope lyricism with melodies that haven’t yet been displayed to the world by any other in the industry.

Jeff Fresh has emerged as a Musical Genius  but not just off the strength of his own resolve, for that resolve finds reason in his loved ones. He holds a deep connection to family, and his drive and influence to become the man he is today is largely in part to their support and love. While he has been on the receiving end of many accolades since his walk along his musical journey, his most notable is the release of his new album “Shadow Black.” Since its release into the world, it has gotten nothing but high praises and compliments for its composition and Jeff’s artistic touch. Jeff feels no greater gratitude than the positivity from music lovers around the world towards his art. The album hosts several different sounds that guarantees something special for anyone that is on the listening end. The album was written for that specific purpose, to appeal to everyone that embraces music and loves the style of sound that Jeff is known to create. “Shadow Black” takes root in various genres to accomplish the end result that has captivated the music industry. Within it’s make up, there lies a mixture of Afrobeat, hip hop, kompa, and reggae. Together they mesh in perfect unison to give birth to an album that is not only sonically pleasing, but holds great meaning within each track.

In making this album available for consumers to enjoy, Jeff has ensured its release onto all streaming platforms around the world. Even now, Jeff continues to grow globally as “Shadow Black” has kept a solid momentum in everywhere from the Caribbean to United States, to Africa, to South America, to Europe.

Follow the freshest rapper to ever do it and stream his new album “Shadow Black” and find out just why the industry is buzzing about this body of art.

Twitter: @jefffresh2def

Instagram: @itsjefffresh




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