IVE’s Wonyoung Praised For Reaction To Invasive Question About The Group

IVE’s Wonyoung Praised For Reaction To Invasive Question About The Group

IVE recently returned to the music scene with their title track “HEYA.” As part of their promotions, they answered the internet’s most searched questions with WIRED.

They were all too happy to explain their names, share what makes them stand out, and introduce their new music.


At the same time, however, some questions that netizens posed to search machine Google gave them a pause. One of them was the phrase “IVE Dorm.” It was likely a popular topic as they showed it in one MBC reality show.

| WIRED/YouTube

Member Yujin immediately asked, “How can we answer it?” It was, after all, the sort of topic that could easily lead to uncomfortable issues such as fans searching for the exact location.

| WIRED/YouTube

Wonyoung also did not hold back her reaction, asking netizens to explain themselves.

Why are you Googling our dorm?


[Video could not be displayed]

Instead of giving in and sharing small hints about their place of residence, Yujin said that it was “top secret.” Wonyoung agreed and immediately added playfully but firmly, “It’s a top secret. Sorry.”

[Video could not be displayed]

Fans were supportive of the group, loving how freely Wonyoung reacted to the question.

wonyoung reacting to the “ive dorm” google question pic.twitter.com/lefxxNuNXe

— wonyoung loops (@wonyoloops) April 29, 2024

She was noted for using her wide platform to speak out “about things that need to be said.”

i’m sorry no one is out it-girling wony ever because instead of just being popular and pretty, she’s also speaking out about things that need to be said https://t.co/FPFByPytOE

— paige (@yerimis_9) April 30, 2024

They praised the duo for the way they clearly set boundaries with their fans. Though the girls are close to DIVEs, they aren’t afraid of saying when something is too much—such as asking details about where they live.

one thing about ive, they will call out weirdos and build clear boundaries lol https://t.co/34VdVcbOD6

— ` (@asterahn) April 29, 2024


Check out the full interview below to learn more about IVE.

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