Global Fusion: Awo Ayo’s ‘High On Life – Remix’ featuring Snoop Dogg & AwoOboyEmma Takes the World by Storm


Taorid Akinola, known as Awo Ayo, has embarked on a remarkable journey, both physically and metaphorically. This emerging artist has been leaving a mark on the music scenes of West Africa, the US, and beyond with his unique blend of Afro-Dancehall. Mixing Afrobeat rhythms with dancehall vibes, Awo Ayo crafts a fresh and exhilarating sound.


His latest single, ‘High On Life,’ blends various global styles. Collaborating with multiple producers and the legendary West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg, along with Nigerian artist AwoOboyEmma, the song aims to create a vibrant vibe. The track, a feel-good anthem for clubs, is gaining momentum worldwide and is already making waves on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Plans are underway for a music video set to release in June, promising to captivate TV screens.


Awo Ayo’s innovative musical approach is inspired by his rich life experiences. Growing up in Nigeria, his passion for music emerged early. However, it was during his time in Liberia after his father’s passing that his musical dream began to take shape. His journey was filled with stops, allowing him to learn, discover, and immerse himself in diverse cultures, people, and vibes.


This diverse journey is evident in his music. In a world often overshadowed by negativity, Awo Ayo infuses his music and online presence with positivity gathered from his travels. His music serves as a vibrant reminder of the value of human connection.


While influenced by industry giants like Drake and Burna Boy, Awo Ayo’s style remains distinctive, drawing power from his authenticity. His focus is on being true to himself and reflecting his experiences of globetrotting and music creation. There’s an inherently relatable quality in his journey that resonates with listeners worldwide.


Awo Ayo’s previous music has already earned praise from industry insiders, attracting a diverse audience and interest from music promoters and upcoming live events eager to showcase his talent.

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