Fans Heartbroken As 3rd-Gen Girl Group Seemingly Hints At Disbandment

Fans Heartbroken As 3rd-Gen Girl Group Seemingly Hints At Disbandment

Weki Meki, a beloved figure in the K-Pop scene since their debut in 2017, seems to be on the brink of disbandment.

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The group, known for hits like “Picky Picky,” “Oopsy,” “Crush,” and “Cool,” has not released new music since their 2021 mini-album, “I Am Me,” leaving fans anxious about their future. And recently, a member’s comment has seemingly all but confirmed the fans’ fears.

The disbandment rumors gained traction following a recent YouTube vlog featuring Weki Meki members Dohwa and Elly. During the video, the conversation turned to living arrangements, where Elly mentioned she has never lived alone, having stayed in the group’s dorm for years.

However, she casually remarked that they would be leaving the dorm in July or August. Elly’s comment has left fans piecing together clues, suggesting that the group might disband as their contracts are also nearing an end.

Oh it’s getting number

— . (@crescentcyy) April 29, 2024

the fact weki meki is next…

— niza (@coloredseung) April 22, 2024

The group’s journey in the K-pop industry has been notable, particularly with members Yoojung and Doyeon rising to fame earlier as part of the project group I.O.I. The group’s fun performances and catchy musical style have garnered a dedicated fanbase over the years.


Despite the looming fears of disbandment, neither Weki Meki nor their management company, Fantagio, has made any official statements regarding these speculations. This silence has only fueled fans’ concerns, leading to a flurry of heartfelt messages and tributes on social media, highlighting the group’s impact despite their short-lived career.

it’s over…weki meki you were the only ones that could save us from this atrocious week…

— ٓ (@alicehereiam) April 29, 2024

when weki meki disbands and suddenly half of kpop stantwt is a kiling

— aubrie (@chaegoyuki) April 27, 2024

feeling hateful today@WekiMeki @fantagiomusic_ #위키미키 #WekiMekiDeservesBetter #위키미키는판타지오그룹이기도하다

— sei’s real girlfriend (REAL) (@L00NARSMEKI) April 29, 2024

I can’t stop thinking about this even if I tried to prepare myself for a long time already. But the thought of an official statement coming soon just k1lls me. I lost all my favourite groups in these 7 years and letting weki meki go will just be my final straw. They’re my home

— Leo (@testleo2) April 29, 2024

Weki Meki are one of the most hardworking, talented and genuine girl groups and fanmu is just leaving them to rot. WE WANT A COMEBACK NOT HIATUS OR DISBANDMENT @wekimeki #위키미키 @fantagiomusic_ #WekiMekiDeservesBetter#위키미키는판타지오그룹이기도하다

— elly pics ♡ (@ellyfiles) April 29, 2024

As the speculated date of their departure from the dorm approaches, fans are holding onto hope, wishing for a positive turn of events.

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