Berlin-based Dance Rock Trio Mirrors For Princes Debut Video for Biting New Single “Mistakes Were Made”

Berlin-based Dance Rock Trio Mirrors For Princes Debut Video for Biting New Single “Mistakes Were Made”

It’s time we put an end
To your unbecoming ways

Language is more slippery than a wet bar of soap. Sure, it’s great for shooting the breeze or penning love notes, but it’s just as handy for the old razzle-dazzle of political spin and sly double-talk. It’s a crafty beast, which can turn a plain old chin wag into a maze of smoke and mirrors.

…Speaking of mirrors, let’s talk about Mirrors For Princes, the Berlin-based electronic rock troupe that’s dancing out of Mercury retrograde’s shadow with their cheeky new single, Mistakes Were Made. The track is a sneak peek from their debut album, What We Do With What Others Have Done To Us, hitting the shelves and streaming waves on June 14th.

This bouncy dance-punk anthem tosses together a salad of pop and underground vibes, mixing a pinch of nostalgia with a dash of futurism, all while serving up a vinaigrette of irony and sincerity. Mirrors For Princes channels the spirit of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Siouxsie Sioux, with a nod to The Breeders and a wink at Garbage, proving once again that the lines we draw in music—and in language—are meant to be blurred, bent, and danced all over.

“On the [track]. we were toying with an idea of how language can oftentimes be used to obfuscate and evade,” says vocalist Sophie Soraya. “In that sense, there’s a hint of social commentary in there, but mostly it was written in a kind of ironic antagonistic manner and is our most playful and unserious song to date.”

For the video clip, Mirrors For Princes turns the dark, twisty underbelly of Berlin into a backdrop for a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. The band’s magnetic frontwoman is on a mad dash, chasing down her look-alike—played by director Maria Roi—through labyrinthine underpasses and shadow-laden alleyways that only Berlin can offer after dark.

This video spins a surreal tale of duality and confrontation. It’s a riveting dance of doubles that blurs the lines between reality and reflection, leaving viewers questioning who’s who. A visual treat packed with intrigue, the video is as much a nod to Berlin’s mysterious nocturnal charm as it is to the artistic genius of its creator.

Watch the video for “Mistakes Were Made” below:

“Freedom is what we do with what is done to us. We are our choices.”

Those words from Jean-Paul Sartre aren’t just for your next existential crisis—they’re also the spark behind Mirrors For Princess’s new album title. It’s a deep dive into the rollercoaster ride of early adulthood, complete with all its ups, downs, and absurd twists. The album throws a glaring spotlight on the oddities of modern living with growing pains. It’s as if Sartre himself sat in on the brainstorming sessions.

Sophie Soraya belts out the vocals with a power that can rattle your bones, while Hermie Gritz lays down the bass and synth lines that could soundtrack your next life crisis. Lonny Flowers is on guitar duties, ensuring each track shreds both literally and figuratively.

Recorded in the UK with the legendary Barny Barnicott—whose mixing board has seen action with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian—this album promises to be both a balm for the soul and a jolt to the system.

“The creation of the album caught all three of us exorcising our inner demons in the times when it seemed like the world was falling to pieces,” says Soraya. “Just as it brought us together as best friends and collaborators, we put it out there for people who can relate to the struggle. We like to assume an ironic distance or be tongue-in-cheek to tackle these issues at times, but our message is never cynical, it’s the one of hope and perseverance.”

What We Do With What Others Have Done To Us is out on  June 14, 2024.

Pre-order here

What We Do With What Others Have Done To Us by Mirrors For Princes

This spring, the band will embark on their first European tour, showcasing tracks from their forthcoming album. The tour includes performances in Germany, Finland, and Tallinn Music Week in Estonia.

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