BABYMONSTER Accused Of “Over-Performing” In Latest Performances, Fans Come To Their Defense

BABYMONSTER Accused Of “Over-Performing” In Latest Performances, Fans Come To Their Defense

BABYMONSTER recently concluded their promotions for their debut title track “SHEESH.”

They slowly gained popularity thanks to their impressive live performances, with netizens praising them for their strong vocals and rap. The girls have gone on numerous radio shows, music shows, and more since their debut to prove that their long training periods were not for naught.

(trans) SY : These days, baemon!
JM : Their live is so..
SY : They’re insane
JM : Their live was crazy! Sheesh! Sheesh!
SY : It’s type of song we like
JM : Totally! x2
SY : We have same taste. You saw baemon’s 직Cam or not?
JM : I saw it! They’re holding hand mics

— anda ♭ (@rukasahyeon) April 30, 2024

The company’s most recent effort to bring home this point was by making the seven members perform on two music shows, MCountdown and Inkigayo, with hand mics and a live band version of “SHEESH.”

Both times, they impressed viewers with their obviously live vocals. They especially loved Ahyeon‘s extra adlib when she hyped up the crowd with, “MCountdown, are you ready?” and “Inkigayo, are you ready?” which further showed that their use of backtrack was minimal.

NEVER SPEAK ON BABYMONSTER AGAIN! Doubting their abilities? You can literally hear the mic echo and Ahyeon’s “MCOUNTDOWN ARE YOU READY?” is the icing on top.
What an incredible group, they’re going to take over the world. #BABYMONSTER #베이비몬스터

— q (@RORANGDAN) April 25, 2024

Though most viewers seemed to enjoy their performances, others commented that it was too much for just a music show, with one even asking why they are “doing all of this” just for Inkigayo.

this fucking me up so bad like why are they doing all of this for.. inkigayo..

— (@fireinthebussy) April 29, 2024

Fans immediately came to their defense. They disliked how the girls were receiving criticism for “over-performing” when doing the opposite would have been worse.

why are people mad at them for “over performing” but if they were underperforming yall would’ve been on their ass calling them lazy

— ︎ (@chiwisq) April 30, 2024

They noted it was a strange situation for the members to be disliked for being good at their jobs.

only in kpop would you see a group get dragged for being amazing performers

— ✦ (@lalisasproperty) April 30, 2024

Singing live, after all, should be the ideal in their eyes.

a kpop group is getting hate for singing live

read that tweet again

— 𝘽𝙈𝙋 (@BAEMONPNK) April 30, 2024

Rather than thinking it was cringe-worthy to see a group make the most of a small stage, they were proud of them for “putting so much effort” into giving the best kind of experience to all audience members.

wow. are we in an era when people drag idols for PERFORMING? if you want to watch another dance practice then go on. I respect Babymonster for putting so much effort into giving their audience (no matter how small) an unforgettable experience.

— ally (@thebaemonster) April 30, 2024

At the end of the day, they wanted the girls to know that they were supporting them at all times.

It’s so funny seeing all those kpopies trying to drag babymonster but they cant find a single thing to drag them for, like vocals? Dance? Stage presence? Rap? Visuals? Yeah babymonster don’t lack in ANYTHING. They’re the PERFECT group.

— el (@baesdolls) April 30, 2024

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