Aespa’s Ningning Unveils The Shocking Number Of AirPods She Recently Lost

Aespa’s Ningning Unveils The Shocking Number Of AirPods She Recently Lost

Aespa‘s Ningning is another K-Pop idol who can’t seem to stop losing her AirPods!

Aespa’s Ningning | @imnotningning/Instagram

These Apple products are wireless earphones that have been steadily becoming the norm when it comes to listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. Ningning loves them so much that she repurchases them anytime she loses one or two pieces—and she does so regularly.

On April 30, she shared a photo of the number of AirPods paired to her phone as of late. Just counting the ones listed explicitly as AirPods, there were 12 pairs that she owned and presumably lost.

She owned at least 10 AirPods Pro pairs which retail for around $250 USD and one AirPods Max which is sold for $500 USD. Her total losses amounts to at least $3,000 USD, possibly more if she bought the latest versions.

Ningning couldn’t help but comment in disbelief, “I don’t have any earphones to use right now.” With a laugh, she wondered, “Where is everyone?” referring to her lost AirPods.

She is now considering making the switch back to the original wired version, saying, “Maybe I’m not meant to use AirPods. I’ll stick to wired earphones.”

Fans have long known about her amusing carelessness when it comes to losing her gadgets. She even once found out she lost her AirPods while showing off its case in the middle of filming.

it makes you wonder which airpods number this was

— ningning pics (@ningningspics) April 30, 2024

Besides NingNing, BTS‘s RM is also known for losing his AirPods often.

Read more about it below.

BTS’s RM Revealed He Lost 30+ AirPods So Far, Now ARMYs Are Freaking Out

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