3rd Gen Idol Makes A Surprise Marriage Announcement

Former SPICA member Narae recently shared news of her marriage to TOUCH member and actor Kim Sun Woong.

Kim Sun Woong and Narae | @nalll88/Instagram

Each of the stars made announcements on their personal Instagram accounts. Narae’s post included several shots of herself in her wedding dress alone and with Kim Sun Woong, saying she met “a beautiful person who makes me the best version of myself.

| @nalll88/Instagram | @nalll88/Instagram | @nalll88/Instagram

Kim Sun Woong’s announcement was a letter and included more photos of the pair together.

Hello, I’m Kim Sun Woong, and I am now a happily married man.

I had a hard time thinking of how to share this sudden good news, but I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to my precious people reading this letter.

After wandering through dark and uncertain times, chasing dreams in belated adolescence, I’ve finally found a cherished partner to navigate life’s rough seas with and I won’t feel lonely anymore.

Becoming an adult, facing responsibilities, used to terrify me. But I’m grateful to have someone who always wishes for me to stay youthful at heart.

I’ll strive to live righteously, influenced by your warm blessings and kind hearts.

— Kim Sun Woong

SPICA made their debut in 2012, and disbanded in 2017, while TOUCH debuted in 2010 and have been inactive. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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