The Top 40 Most Powerful Korean Celebrities, According To Forbes Korea

The Top 40 Most Powerful Korean Celebrities, According To Forbes Korea

Forbes Korea‘s latest list of the top 40 most influential Korean celebrities captures the vibrant mix of talent across Korea’s entertainment and sports industries. From viral K-pop groups to athlete heroes, here’s the list made of 40 starlets.

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Still the queens of K-Pop, BLACKPINK continue to rule the global music scene.

2. Son Heung Min

A star on the soccer field, Son proudly represents South Korea on an international scale.

3. NewJeans

There’s no way the newest girl group sensation with countless hits (already) would be missing from this list.

4. Kim Min Jae

Acclaimed for his role in Bayern Munich FC, Kim’s talent and influence are undeniable — making him worthy of fourth place.

5. Lim Young Woong

Lim has definitely captured the nation’s hearts with his voice, so it’s no surprise that he’s in fifth place.

6. Lee Jung Hoo

The baseball phenom has been making headlines with his impressive stats for a long time now.

7. BTS’s Jimin

The BTS member proudly takes seventh place, after wowing fans with his solo album this past year.

8. Lee Kang In

Another soccer prodigy representing South Korea proudly in the French soccer scene.

9. BTS’s Jungkook

The second BTS member on the list, Jungkook took over South Korea last year with his multiple singles.

10. IVE

IVE’s rise to the top has been unprecedented! Is anyone surprised they’re top 10?

11. Cha Eunwoo

Singing, acting, looking gorgeous at all times… What can Cha Eunwoo not do?!

12. Jang Min Ho

As a beloved figure in the Korean trot scene, it makes sense for Jang to be 12th on this list.

13. Lee Sang Min

One of the most popular Korean variety stars, known for his quick wits and hilarious jokes!

14. DEX

He’s managed to break through the Korean entertainment scene with his good looks and charming charisma.

15. Ahn Eun Jin

Ahn’s stellar acting performances are worthy of the top 15 in this list.

16. Lee Chan Won

Yet another popular trot starlet, much-loved by Koreans of all ages.

17. Kim Ho Joong

Kim has been enjoying his popularity in the tror scene since his discharge from the military in 2022.

18. Kian84

The webtoon artist has now become a Korean variety star through his participation in I Live Alone.

19. Kim Ha Seong

A key athlete making major plays in baseball as of late makes it into the top 20!

20. Lee Junho

The much-loved actor, best known for his role in King the Land, was in no way going to be missing from this list.

21. Yoo Jaesuk

What more can we say about the most popular variety star in South Korea?

22. Son Tae Jin

Who didn’t fall in love with his voice after listening to “You make me shine”?

23. Uhm Jung Hwa

She’s been ruling pop and cinema for decades — 23rd place is the least Forbes could give her!


Fresh off Coachella, LE SSERAFIM prove their popularity once again by taking the 24th spot.

25. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

From being one of the most popular K-Pop idols to becoming equally as loved in the acting scene, YoonA is enjoying her long-lasting popularity.

26. Son Suk Ku

From gritty films to gripping dramas, Sone is one of the most versatile stars Korea has to offer.

27. Lee Seung Gi

He sings, he acts, and he charms — what can’t he do?

28. Namkoong Min

Known for disappearing into his roles, he’s a true “chameleon” in the Korean acting scene.

29. Young Tak

Another trot favorite! His tunes are timeless and soon his name will be as well.

30. IU

Possibly the most popular singer-songwriter in South Korea, the nation’s sweetheart takes spot 30.

31. Park Eun Bin

Park has brought plenty of pride to her country through her stellar acting performances.

32. Ryu Hyun Jin

Pitching his way into history, one game at a time.

33. Lim Ji Yeon

Her role in The Glory may have solidified her name in the Korean acting scene, but she’s always been a star!

34. Lee Se Young

Whether in historical dramas or modern stories, Lee always shines.

35. Sung Si Kyung

Many Korean netizens have claimed his voice feels like a warm blanket on a cold night.

36. Go Youn Jung

One of the freshest face in the K-Drama scene has been making quite the strong impression!

37. Park Ji Hyun

Despite being new on the scene, she’s already turning heads!

38. Jeong Dongwon

Though Jeong is quite young, his voice and soul feel as old as trot.

39. Park Seo Jin

Park has quickly become a fan-favorite through his participation in I am a Trot Singer and Mr. Trot!

40. Shin Hye Sun

Such a versatile actress who can make us laugh and cry would never be missing from a list like this.

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