Hit K-Drama Breaks “Crash Landing On You” Historical Record With Explosive Ratings

Hit K-Drama Breaks “Crash Landing On You” Historical Record With Explosive Ratings

The final episode of the popular romantic drama Queen Of Tears has surpassed previous viewership records set by Crash Landing On You in 2020.

“Crash Landing On You” lead couple and “Queen Of Tears” lead couple.

As reported by Nielsen Korea, the series finale captivated an impressive 24.850 percent of the national audience on April 28. This figure eclipses the former record holder’s finale, which had a viewership of 21.683 percent.

| Netflix

Queen Of Tears features a compelling narrative centered around the tumultuous yet ultimately triumphant love story between Hong Hae In — a wealthy heiress from the prominent Queens Group — and Baek Hyun Woo, a humble farmer’s son. The drama unfolds over three years of their marriage, blending emotional highs and lows that keep viewers hooked throughout its run.

| tvN

The record-setting episode marks a significant milestone for tvN, showcasing the drama’s widespread appeal and strong following. The finale’s high ratings are a testament to the show’s quality and the powerful performances delivered by its lead actors, Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won.

Other dramas also made their mark the same evening. JTBC’s Hide, a mystery thriller, concluded with a respectable 4.0 percent nationwide rating. Meanwhile, KBS 2TV’s Beauty and Mr. Romantic saw a notable increase, capturing 15.2 percent of viewers, and MBN’s Missing Crown Prince garnered a 2.4 percent rating during its sixth episode.

Congratulations to the Queen Of Tears’s cast and crew on breaking such a historical record!

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