Eminem becomes Crypto.com celebrity spokesperson, replacing Matt Damon

Eminem becomes Crypto.com celebrity spokesperson, replacing Matt Damon

Eminem has replaced Matt Damon as the brand-new Crypto.com celebrity spokesperson.

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The legendary rapper – real name Marshall Mathers – took to his official social media on April 26 to share the new advert, which features a boxing training montage and Eminem providing a voiceover which includes crypto terms like “proof-of-work” and the phrase “Fortune favours the brave.”

In the caption, Eminem wrote: “You know what it’s always been”. According to a statement shared by Crypto.com, the ad is set to “Premiere Saturday during the Lakers NBA Playoff game held at the Crypto.com Arena.” The ad will also be shown at other high-profile sporting events, including the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix and an upcoming UFC event.

You know what it’s always been. #FFTB #Ad @cryptocom pic.twitter.com/XZ3Qf7TkkR

— Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) April 26, 2024

The ‘We Made You’ rapper took over as the celebrity spokesperson for the arena from actor Matt Damon who was previously featured in Crypto.com’s 2021 ad campaign.

Damon’s ad also used the slogan “Fortune favours the brave,” and was featured in an episode of South Park. Following the joke on the famous satirical animation show, Damon revealed that he did the ad in order to support a water charity.

In other news, Eminem recently announced a new album titled ‘The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce)’.

On April 26, the rapper took to social media to make the announcement along with a trailer. In the trailer, a reporter ponders the death of Eminem’s alter-ego, Slim Shady and launches into an investigation.

The album has yet to receive a concrete release date but has been announced to releasing this summer. You can pre-save the album here.

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