BLACKPINK’s Lisa Removes Instagram Post That Was “Ruining” Her Feed, Fans Rejoice

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Removes Instagram Post That Was “Ruining” Her Feed, Fans Rejoice

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the most followed K-Pop idol on Instagram. She boasts 102 million followers, with over 1,000 posts that receive thousands of likes each time.

Most of the time she unsurprisingly receives positive reviews thanks to her gorgeous visuals. One certain post, however, was an eyesore to many.

It was none other than her advertisement for Thai financial provider TrueMoney. Last February, she shared their “Ease Every Moment” poster that promoted her April 6 fanmeeting in Thailand.

The bright orange color and obviously edited picture made it stand out greatly from the rest of her Instagram posts.

Fans were only too happy when they noticed it was gone from her account on April 29. They took to social media to declare how glad they were to see her feed “back to normal.”


— َ (@flolisa) April 29, 2024

After all, it was “ruining” her carefully-curated aesthetic.

She finally realized it was ruining his ig feed thank you

— Ceo Lisa’s wifey (@lisapinks27) April 29, 2024

Even Thai fans were happy to see the TrueMoney gone, with some asking to delete it because “they’re going crazy” seeing how it “doesn’t fit the theme” of her page.

อตคนไทยไปเรื่อยเลย งานจบประกาศเลื่อนน้องก้ลบสิ กุจะบ้า

— Ren LLOUD (@bpmufc2) April 29, 2024

ชีคุมโทนเฉยๆป่ะ งานทรูมันไม่เข้าธีม55555555

— thongfoo888 : ลูอี๊ดมีคอ (@llisaa0327) April 29, 2024

Though Lisa removed the TrueMoney announcement poster, she kept the collage of photos that she collected from the event.

Lisa attended the fanmeeting on April 6, 2024. It was held in the True ICON Hall at ICONSIAM, Thailand.

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