Apink’s Hayoung Lost 13 Kg To Stop Looking “Big” Beside Other Members

Apink’s Hayoung Lost 13 Kg To Stop Looking “Big” Beside Other Members

On April 27, KST, the girl group Apink appeared on the popular entertainment program Knowing Bros.

Apink | @Knowingbros/YouTube

13 years into their debut, the members talked about the time they had spent together, with all of them unanimously agreeing that Hayoung had changed the most in her appearance. In a YouTube video on her own channel, Hayoung had previously revealed that she had shed over 13kg of weight.

It turns out that weight was a big insecurity for the idol when she was working with her members. Hayoung said that while she misses having her members beside her during her current solo projects, the one silver lining was not being compared with anyone.

If I had to point out a good side, the members were all skinnier than me and I was the only tall one. Since I was compared to the members, I had no other choice but to fit into smaller clothes and lose weight. Now that I’m working as a solo artist, it’s nice not being compared to anyone.

— Hayoung

The singer recalled a specific incident that had fueled this insecurity even more.

I was really shocked after seeing a certain photo from an interview I did with the members. I happened to be sitting at the front and I looked really big.

— Hayoung

Her fellow Apink member Chorong recalled that after that picture, Hayoung became reluctant to stand in the front or in the center.

I became the big one in Apink. I was 169 cm, but with the members, I looked even bigger.

— Hayoung

Namjoo, however, took this opportunity to praise Hayoung’s physical features, saying that her bone structure is wider, which makes her body ratio look even better.

Hayoung | @_ohhayoung_/Instagram

There is no denying that the same features that once made her insecure are the reasons why Hayoung effortlessly looks like a model in every picture!

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