Rich 14-Year-Old’s Luxurious Lifestyle Sparks Mixed Reactions 

Rich 14-Year-Old’s Luxurious Lifestyle Sparks Mixed Reactions 

This 14-year-old has a phone case that costs $70 USD, and it might just be the cheapest thing she owns.

Angela Wang Shiling

From wearing designer brands to attending overseas schools, Angela Wang Shiling is living a lifestyle many people can only dream of.

Angela Wang Shiling has been attending school in London, England, for the past two years.

As the only child of Li Xiang, a TV presenter and actress in China, Angela was born into wealth. More than 8 million followers on Weibo check in to see the photos she posts about her far-from-everyday lifestyle.

Li Xiang and Angela Wang Shiling

In this photo alone, Angela is wearing approximately $7,300 USD. According to the news portal Baidu, her coat cost around $3,500 USD, her skirt cost $2,000 USD, and her purse cost $1,800 USD. It’s not uncommon for this teen to be seen wearing clothing and accessories that cost thousands of dollars each.

Angela Wang Shiling (second from right)

Li Xiang follows a Chinese proverb that says daughters should be raised in abundance while sons are raised frugally. As such, she has no problem giving her daughter approximately $20,000 USD in allowance every month.

We are not short of money. Why live a frugal life? If she likes it, I will buy it. there’s no need for us to save money.

— Li Xiang

Not everyone, however, is a fan of her parenting style, and Angela’s expensive styling has drawn mixed reactions from netizens.

“I think those clothes do not fit her. They make her look much older.” “Wang Shiling is the girl I envy most. I hope to be Li Xiang’s daughter in my next life.” “It’s a storm in a teacup. They are super-rich. Those expenses are just a tiny proportion of their income.”

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