In the landscape of rappers trying to earn their spot in the rap game, rising artist, Cheflodeezy makes it look effortless.

Born in the tropical island of Jamaica, Cheflodeezy migrated from the Caribbean and made his way to Miami where his place in hip-hop began to materialize. Having a deep love for music, Cheflodeezy gravitated to rappers like Biggie, 2Pac, Eminem, NAS and J. Cole and conscious musicians like U2 and System Of A Down. This diversified taste and passion for lyricism and music that brings out expressions of life, mixed with the Reggae and Dancehall influence of his home, gave way to a sound unique to Cheflodeezy. His flow and vibe over beats are reminiscent of the cadence of Jamaican music and the heart of hip-hop.

Cheflodeezy is a wizard over tracks. The words he pours aren’t meant to simply go into one ear and out the next but speak to whoever listens to his music. It’s always rooted in reality, original and untainted from the trends that the pool of rappers follows. Cheflodeezy incorporates life into his music, using his experience and everything happening in the world. This is what separates him from his counterparts aiming for the top. With a team that pushes him to stay on his toes, Cheflodeezy comes with the bangers every single time. This is evident in hit singles like “Koockin & Juggin,” “Ass Up,” featuring Fatboy Rhymer, and “She Don’t Belong Me” produced by TGUT in New York.

Cheflodeezy continues to dominate the streets with his sound. His upcoming single “Buck The Jack” is scheduled for release on October 30th, and is sure to run the airwaves when it arrives. The track is produced by Artekal and combined with Cheflodeezy’s cadence and lyricism; it’s on track to be a classic waiting to happen. Cheflodeezy bounces off the beat with smooth progressions and flows that switch throughout the entirety of the track. Melodies upon lyrics that are real and raw as Cheflodeezy. His emotions and passion can be heard in every bar; his pains, joys, sorrows, wins, losses, dreams, aspirations, successes, and failures all rolled up into a track that resonates deep. Cheflodeezy mirrors his creativity through the music video that will accompany the track upon release. It takes place over a desert like environment, matching the heat and grittiness of Cheflodeezy’s bars. “Buck The Jack” is currently available to be pre-saved on Spotify and iTunes here:

Cheflodeezy aims to put Caribbean talent on the map and reside among Miami greats like Rick Ross, Uncle Luke, Trick Daddy, Brisco and Iceberg. His grind is next level; no breaks or downtime, just music and thinking of how to elevate his career. Cheflodeezy is currently focused on promoting his latest full-length project, the 10-track mixtape, “Kitchen Talk” hosted by DJ Chill Will out of Georgia. Kitchen Talk is nothing but that heat and has been the sound on rotation by fans worldwide. It’s a must have project and can be streamed here: Check out Cheflodeezy’s new single “Buck The Jack” and his current music and coming projects via his socials:

Kitchen Talk:


Koockin & Juggin:

Ass Up:

She Don’t Belong Me: http:

Pre-save Buck The Jack:



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