HYBE Addresses Accusations Of Using BTS’s RM Against NewJeans 

HYBE Addresses Accusations Of Using BTS’s RM Against NewJeans 

HYBE has recently clarified concerns regarding the simultaneous release dates of albums from two artists under its umbrella.

RM, the leader of BTS (managed by BIGHIT MUSIC), and NewJeans (under ADOR) found their new music releases coinciding on May 24. This clash led to rumors of HYBE using RM’s album against NewJeans amid the ongoing feud with ADOR’s CEO, Min Hee Jin.


Speaking to Newsen, the company explained that each label within HYBE operates independently when it comes to scheduling album releases. Occasionally, dates overlap due to inevitable scheduling conflicts. In this instance, the decision was made after consultation and with the full approval of CEO Min Hee Jin.

Album release dates are autonomously decided by each label, and adjustments are made if they overlap. This time, due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict, the date was finalized after sharing with CEO Min Hee Jin, and it proceeded with her approval that there were no issues.

— HYBE via Newsen

Min Hee Jin | News1

The situation started when Min Hee Jin announced on March 26 that NewJeans would be releasing double singles on May 24 in Korea and June 21 in Japan. Shortly thereafter, on April 26, BIGHIT announced that RM would release his second solo album, Right Place, Wrong Person, on the same day as NewJeans — May 24.

Netizens soon started speculating that this was a strategic move from HYBE to create competition between the labels and hinder NewJeans’ comeback due to the ongoing clash with Min Hee Jin. However, HYBE’s recent statements have dismissed these rumors, clarifying that the overlap was communicated and cleared with Min, ensuring no underlying issues.


You can read more about the netizens’ concerns about HYBE using BTS against NewJeans here:

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