Former ENHYPEN Performance Director’s Tweet Sparks More Speculations About HYBE “Stealing” Content

Former ENHYPEN Performance Director’s Tweet Sparks More Speculations About HYBE “Stealing” Content

Amid ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin‘s ongoing feud with HYBE, a former BELIFT LAB performance director—known for their work with ENHYPEN—also added to the fuel with an X (former Twitter) post of Min’s bombshell press conference.

Choreographer and performance director DOOBU on “I-LAND.” | Mnet

Choreographer and performance director DOOBU (also known as Park Dong Hyun), who appeared on the show I-LAND that founded ENHYPEN, tweeted a photo of Min at the press conference, quoting, “I had a lot of empathy thinking about three years ago…”

I had a lot of empathy thinking about three years ago…

— 3dcolordoobu (@3dcolordoobu) April 27, 2024

Three years ago, on May 9, 2021 to be exact, E Daily reported in an exclusive that DOOBU left BELIFT LAB. Prior to his exit, on May 3, 2021, other Korean news outlets reported on  DOOBU’s cryptic tweet of an article crediting Bang Si Hyuk and BIGHIT performance director Son Sung Deuk as the driving force behind ENHYPEN’s success.

A “Sports World” article from May 1, 2021. | Sports World

[ENHYPEN Proves Bang Si Hyuk And Son Sung Deuk’s “Formula For Success” With Their In-Sync Choreographies]

Bang Si Hyuk, Son Sung Deuk, and the hottest 4th-Gen K-Pop icons, ENHYPEN, have teamed up. ENHYPEN’s “Carnival,”  birthed from the creators leading the global music business, is now well on its track to top charts.

— Sports World

DOOBU commented, “The bear does all the tricks,” which is a part of a Korean idiom that is similar to the American “One man sows and another man reaps.” The phrase is commonly used to express when someone putting in the work does not get rightfully rewarded for the work.

A screenshot of DOOBU’s tweet from May 2, 2021. | @3dcolordoobu/X

At the time, combining the tweet with the fact that DOOBU deleted all mentions of HYBE from his social media profiles as of April 2021, Korean news outlets speculated that things have gone awry between HYBE/BELIFT LAB and DOOBU.

Fast forward to 2024, DOOBU’s latest tweet is receiving a tremendous amount of attention amid the Min Hee Jin vs. HYBE fallout. Koreans are reacting to the former ENHYPEN performance director’s dig with shock—questioning if HYBE’s business operations are to be trusted.

| theqoo “Wait, DOOBU? That’s the OG HYBE choreographer who was on I-LAND and training ENHYPEN members pre-debut… LOL.” “HYBE must suck so bad that EVERYONE is siding with Min Hee Jin. LMAO.” “Wow… HYBE’s a b*tch. It looks like people who worked there were all treated like sh*t.” “I’ve been an ENHYPEN fan since debut, and while the fans didn’t love DOOBU’s stuff… We hate the current director even more.” “HYBE stepped over all of its creators, huh? DOOBU’s quite popular, too. What a mess.” “It is true that ENHYPEN fans had their ups and downs with DOOBU’s work. But the current performance director is worse. Also, this isn’t about the fan reactions’ to his work; It’s about the fact that DOOBU is relating to what has happened to Min Hee Jin.” | theqoo “It’s starting to show how HYBE treats its creators.” [Deleted] [Deleted] “This is a mess. A whole a*s mess.” “So this is not the first time HYBE has pulled this, then.” “WTF?” [Deleted] “Looks like HYBE has gone around doing some thug sh*t to people…”

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