Eric Church Addressed His Controversial Set At Stagecoach 2024: ‘I’m Happy With My Choice’

Eric Church Addressed His Controversial Set At Stagecoach 2024: ‘I’m Happy With My Choice’

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There’s something about the Indio, California desert environment that pulls out another side of music’s notable names.

For the past two weekends, the Empire Polo Club was home to Coachella 2024. While there were multiple raved about performances, the public’s confusion over Grimes’ technical issues was all users online could talk about. This weekend, Stagecoach 2024 has taken up residence on the grounds. From the two days held so far, folks won’t seem to shut up about Eric Church‘s headlining performance. While Church didn’t experience any device breakdowns, attendees aren’t happy with his set, claiming he committed a cardinal sin of festival commandments—daring to be different.

Instead of sticking to festivalgoers expectations, Church ventured outside the bounds of country music with a set of mostly gospel and a sprinkle of rap. Users online who streamed the performance via Prime took to their pages to slam Church’s pivot.

According to USA Today, the pushback prompted the singer to address the critiques with a statement issued through his record label.

“This was the most difficult set I have ever attempted,” he said. “I’ve always found that taking it back to where it started, back to chasing who Bob Seger loves, who Springsteen loves, who Willie Nelson loves, you chase it back to the origin. The origin of all that is still the purest form of it. And we don’t do that as much anymore. It felt good at this moment to go back, take a choir and do that.”

Seemingly prepared for the dived, Church doubled down on his decision, saying that he was “happy with his choice to do what he wanted anyway.”

Read a few responses to Eric Church’s Stagecoach 2024 set below.

I don’t like country but this was baddddd bro. I thought it was just an into, but it never stopped. You have to play your hits man.

— bryson.meta. (@TheLoneStarDev) April 27, 2024

WTF… I can’t believe that I walked out. But, I walked out. Disappointed

— CAVU (@AnthonyCrowel16) April 27, 2024

I think it’s pretty admirable and brave of him to sing gospel music, I’m sure he knew it wouldn’t be received with open arms and he did it anyway giving a message of virtues instead of just drunken nights or days or what not. I found it courageous of him.

— 𝒦𝒶𝓇𝑒𝓁𝓎 𝒫𝑒𝓇𝑒𝓏 (@KPDarling89) April 27, 2024

Wtf is this…

— ReaperMech83 (@RC_0219) April 27, 2024

Loved it!

— Galel Fajardo (@galel) April 27, 2024

Play your hits, horrible start. People paid a lot of money for this!

— Andy Nicolet (@AndyNicolet1) April 27, 2024

Are you kidding. SUCH a disappointment! Maybe should have played for the crowd when you noticed everyone leaving your set

— toryshaughnessy (@toryshaughnessy) April 27, 2024

That was insulting….unreal….if I want virtue signaling…I’ll go outside of country music….
Get over yourself.

— Swervin (@swervinerv82) April 27, 2024

Damn after seeing the comments about how good it was on the Church Choir Facebook page – I’m pissed I missed it, just like I was mad at myself for missing the 2nd night at The Gorge

— Ādrēă Young (@adreayoung) April 27, 2024

I didn’t think I could love you anymore. Amazing show. Please put this on vinyl.
Is that a Joanna sighting??!!?!

— Michelle (@mwd40) April 27, 2024

Probably the most memorable @Stagecoach 2024 set so far but not necessarily in a good way. Masterful but unusual enough for me to say I couldn’t appreciate it in the festival setting. I wonder how fan reaction would have been if there had built up anticipation for something new.

— Christy Goff (@christy_goff) April 27, 2024

Loved the set. EFC has always done things differently, and having been to several of his concerts…they’re never the same. This was a pretty on brand performance, and people who don’t realize that haven’t been there very long. He also played quite a few of his hits. The

— MattSteffey (@MattSteffey4) April 27, 2024

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