Former Girl Group Member Addresses Her Career Shift As A Bar Hostess

Former Girl Group Member Addresses Her Career Shift As A Bar Hostess

On April 26, KST, n.CH Entertainment confirmed that their girl group NATURE has officially disbanded after six years.

NATURE | n.CH Entertainment

While fans were saddened by the news, a simultaneous update about Haru¸, one of the members of NATURE, left them concerned. On the same day as the disbandment announcement, Haru was seen in a promotional video shared by an adult entertainment establishment in Japan.

Haru in NATURE | Pinterest Haru now | @ruruchan_da_yo/Instagram

In the video posted by Royal Club Sendai in Japan, Haru was introduced as Sakura Ruru. She addressed the club’s future patrons and introduced herself as a former K-Pop idol. Clips of her in fanmeetings and music shows were inserted into the video to bring this point home.

[Video could not be displayed]

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The video shocked netizens and generated quite a buzz online. Soon after, Haru responded to the controversy through an Instagram post, ensuring fans that she was enjoying her new work.

I did not think this would create such a huge ruckus on Twitter. Thought most of the reactions on social media are negative, I am working hard for my personal goals. So, please be kind. I am able to meet some wonderful people at my new job, so I’m enjoying my work. Please don’t worry about me.


In another recent Instagram story, the former idol thanked her fans for their support and assured them that she would communicate her honest thoughts with them soon.

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