BLACKPINK’s Jennie Spotted Vibing At SEVENTEEN’s Concert In Seoul

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Spotted Vibing At SEVENTEEN’s Concert In Seoul

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie was spotted attending SEVENTEEN‘s “FOLLOW” tour in Seoul today, surprising fans of both groups with her unexpected appearance.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

She was seated in a private box in the Seoul World Cup Stadium, where the concert was held.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie spotted at SEVENTEEN’s ‘FOLLOW’ Tour in Seoul.

— Pop Base (@PopBase) April 27, 2024

we finally got a svt 96z and jennie selca

— syd. (@ksybrainrot) April 27, 2024

The “You & Me” singer was dressed casually in jeans, a shirt, and a cap. Cameras captured her excitement as she waved enthusiastically, flashing a wide grin that lit up her face.


— syd. (@ksybrainrot) April 27, 2024

Like other concert-goers, she vibed to the music and danced confidently. Her smooth moves were a dead giveaway that she’s an idol!

jennie at seventeen concert

— jennie (@jnkrated) April 27, 2024

closer angle of jennie at seventeen’s concert today

— blackpink (@blckpinkpic) April 27, 2024

#jennie attended #seventeen’s concert in seoul

she’s vibing to pinwheel

— ؘ (@4svtpink) April 27, 2024

And although fans of both groups appreciated the support Jennie showed for her fellow K-Pop idols, a few didn’t miss the opportunity to write funny comments. They told the boys to “act sane,” and they laughed at how the BLACKPINK member saw them shaking their hips.

Jennie saw seventeen shaking their ass I’m

— Bratz resident (@bpinkssvt) April 27, 2024

svt i need yall to act sane hot girls are watching you

— Rae (@kisseroflife) April 27, 2024

Everyone present in the venue who saw the idols in person is incredibly lucky! In recent news, Jennie and ZICO‘s track “SPOT!” has finally been released.

Check out the music video below.

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