Just Why Did TWICE’s Jeongyeon Want To Leave JYP And Join SM Entertainment?

Just Why Did TWICE’s Jeongyeon Want To Leave JYP And Join SM Entertainment?

TWICE has been signed under JYP Entertainment ever since their trainee days, but Jeongyeon once talked about how she wants to go to SM Entertainment, and why!


In November 2021, Jeongyeon and Jihyo made a guest appearance on Red Velvet Seulgi‘s show (titled Seulgi.zip) to promote their latest comeback song, “Scientist”!

Seulgi, Jihyo, and Jeongyeon | @seulgi_zip/Twitter

On the show, the three idols talked about their comeback, life, and more!

| @seulgi_zip/Twitter

The topic eventually turned to TWICE’s 6th anniversary live broadcast, where they showed ONCEs their amazing cosplay skills as different items, characters, and people!


Jeongyeon then took this opportunity to mention SM Entertainment’s infamous annual Halloween party, where all SM Entertainment idols get to dress up and have a great time!

Normally, SM does Halloween…a Halloween party. We’re so jealous.


Your browser does not support video.

Jihyo agreed with her, commenting on how they’d love JYPE to have one for them as well!

We always say amongst ourselves that it’d be nice to have a JYP party, too!


When Seulgi tries to tell them that they can also definitely have their own Halloween party, Jeongyeon adorably asks if they can just join SME’s party instead, with Jihyo in complete agreement!

Can’t we go to SM?


Seulgi was totally on board, and proposed a deal in exchange!

Can I go there [JYP Entertainment] and eat [at the restaurant]? Let’s go back and forth together!


Your browser does not support video.

Jihyo and Jeongyeon were more than happy with the plan, and ONCEs and Reveluvs are hoping that they’re going to get more TWICExRedVelvet content in the future!

TWICE and Red Velvet

Watch the whole thing here!

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