Dark Synthpop Project Hermidgets Debuts Haunting and Surreal Video for “Meaninglessness”

Dark Synthpop Project Hermidgets Debuts Haunting and Surreal Video for “Meaninglessness”

Renowned for his enigmatic presence and evocative soundscapes, Hermidgets is a seasoned musician with a wealth of experience both on stage and in the studio. With a deep-seated passion for music fueling every endeavor, Hermidgets’ expertise spans various domains, including songwriting, arrangement, performance, vocal work, aesthetics, and videography.

Hermidgets uses his expansive and eclectic musical palate to gravitate toward melancholic melodies that strike a chord with his creative soul. Specializing in synth-pop, the artist meticulously crafts sophisticated, boundary-shattering tracks by blending unsettling and distorted tones. While personal passions and influences leave an indelible mark, Hermidgets remains steadfast in the commitment to breaking away from cliché.

In a digital age where self-promotion often takes center stage, Hermidgets embraces anonymity, believing that the essence of creation should speak for itself, devoid of any preconceived notions. For Hermidgets, art transcends individual identity, inviting listeners to forge their own connections with the music, free from the constraints of personalism.

Now, Hermidgets reveals Meaninglessness, a haunting synth-pop single that merges past influences with contemporary sounds. Exploring existential themes and the fleetingness of human existence, the track immerses listeners in an unsettling atmosphere.

In Meaninglessness, Hermidgets delivers a poignant blend of sorrow and comfort through his vocals. The song beckons listeners to delve into their own existential ponderings, urging them to come to terms with life’s mysteries and their own place within it.

In a surreal spectacle evoking the imagery of Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark and Pink Floyd’s The Wall, the striking video, meticulously directed and edited by Hermidgets, showcases his mind-blowing artistry. Embracing his penchant for anonymity, the visuals effortlessly meld with the ethereal ambiance of the music. Hermidgets’ enigmatic presence becomes entwined with the twisted tendrils of the surrounding trees, casting an eerie spell over the viewer and amplifying the evocative power of immensa vanitas.

Watch the video  for “Meaninglessness” below:

Meaninglessness was mixed by Matteo Sandri, renowned for his work with Sananda Matreya, and mastered by Kevin Paul (David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp).

Hermidgets’ second album, NIHIL, will be released on June 2nd. It is his first release since 2020’s The Mire.

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NIHIL by Hermidgets

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