The Top Actress Who Was Insecure About Being Too Tall

The Top Actress Who Was Insecure About Being Too Tall

Actress Shin Hye Sun appeared on SBS’s Jang Ye Won’s Night Like Today where she revealed that she used to be insecure about her tall height.

During the show, one listener sent in a text admiring Shin Hye Sun’s tall height.

And in response, Shin Hye Sun confessed that that used to be her insecurity.

I used to be insecure about my height.

— Shin Hye Sun

She continued by explaining why she felt so insecure about it.

Before, people used to look at me and ask me how I’m so tall. So I would cower in a corner. But now, I’m just thankful.

— Shin Hye Sun

When Jang Ye Won asked just how tall she is, Shin Hye Sun answered and surprised everyone with her actual height.

I haven’t measured myself recently, but last time, I was around 172 centimeters (5 foot 6 inches).

— Shin Hye Sun

Actress Bae Jong Ok, who appeared on the show with her, also expressed her shock and explained why she didn’t know Shin Hye Sun was so tall.

Shin Hye Sun has an adorable look. So when I first met her in person, I was surprised by how tall she actually was.

— Bae Jong Ok

In response, Shin Hye Sun added a few other reasons why people didn’t expect her to be so tall.

Normally, the camera only films me from the waist up. I think it’s also because my face is round.

— Shin Hye Sun

Her height makes it so that there isn’t as much of a height difference with her co-stars. Even though she is wearing heels, she doesn’t look too much shorter than Ahn Bo Hyun, who is 187 cm tall.

Both Shin Hye Sun and Baek Jong Ok were starring in the film, Innocence, which premiered on March 5, 2020.

Check out some more photos of Shin Hye Sun below:

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