“The Glory” Actress Has The Pickiest “Ideal Type,” But TWICE’s Sana Knows Just The Person

“The Glory” Actress Has The Pickiest “Ideal Type,” But TWICE’s Sana Knows Just The Person

In the latest episode of TWICE Sana‘s Fridge Interview,” a special series in between the seasons of YouTube channel 117‘s beloved “Dex‘s Fridge Interview,” viewers got to see 2023’s biggest K-Drama, The Glory, actress Shin Ye Eun‘s real personality outside the memorable role.

Actress Shin Ye Eun (left) with TWICE’s Sana (right) | @117/YouTube

When asked about her dating life and preferred traits that she looks for in a partner, Shin made it 200% clear that her “standards are high.”

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Sana: This is the question that I always ask during the Fridge Interview. Can you tell me about your ideal type?

Shin Ye Eun: Oh, I have the pickiest ideal type.

Sana: What are you looking for?

Shin Ye Eun: I’m looking for someone who doesn’t drink or smoke. I also want them to have a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. I don’t want someone who is too stubborn or nitpicky. Someone who has a dream and is passionate about it… Someone with a future. I also like homebodies. And I don’t want anyone who has too many female friends.

Sana: Oh… [Laughs]

Shin Ye Eun: Haha, I’m just being realistic. Oh, and I want someone who is polite.

While Shin wasn’t sure that someone would ever be able to check off the things on her list…

Caption: Who Shin Ye Eun Is Looking For = Does Not Exist In This World!

That said, I know I’m being the pickiest. So, I’m working on becoming someone who has all those qualities, too.

— Shin Ye Eun

…Sana had one person in mind.

Sana: Actually, my previous guest said she’s looking for someone just like herself because she was already perfect.

Shin Ye Eun: I saw that! I was envious of how confident she was.

Sana: Oh? Would you like me to introduce you to her?

Shin was, in fact, super interested in the said previous guest—(G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon!

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon (left) with TWICE’s Sana (right) | @117/YouTube

No, but seriously? I actually really like your chemistry with Miyeon. I even told you about this before, remember? So… The next time you hang out with her, please invite me, too! I’d love that.

— Shin Ye Eun

Here’s the full episode to watch while waiting for the visual troika to happen:

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