Sandara Park Shares Her Dream Of Marrying Every Member Of An Iconic Boy Group

Sandara Park Shares Her Dream Of Marrying Every Member Of An Iconic Boy Group

On April 12, KST, Sandara Park appeared on the KBS Joy program 20th Century Hit Song as an intern MC with Super Junior‘s Heechul.

Heechul (left) with Sandara Park (right) | @daraxxi/Instagram

During the episode, the singer revealed her fangirl side, talking candidly about male idols that she was infatuated with. In her younger days, when she was living in the Philippines, Sandara Park revealed that she would often rent videos of H.O.T from a Korean video rental store every weekend. Among all the members, she admitted that she liked Moon Heejun the best.

But Sandara Park switched lanes once Sechs Kies debuted, just a year after H.O.T. Her heart was too enticed by Eun Jiwon. In fact, the 2NE1 singer shared that even after years of being pursued by a driven of different men, Jiwon still remains her ideal type.

There was a boy group, however, that managed to win over Park like no other. When the conversation brought up this group’s name, co-MC Heechul commented that had there been personal fancams during their time, people would be going crazy over them. Sandara Park also called the group “true K-beauty.” This group was none other than Click-B, the iconic first-generation group best known for combining rock and dance beats in their music.


Despite multiple lineup changes throughout the year, Click-B enjoyed widespread popularity, so much so that teenager Sandara Park dreamed of dating all the members.

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