Rick Ross Responds In Unkind To BBL Drake, Xitter Reacts To The Petty

Rick Ross Responds In Unkind To BBL Drake, Xitter Reacts To The Petty

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Rick Ross went up against one of the pettiest rappers in history when he was feuding with 50 Cent many years ago. So it should be no surprise that he clearly applied those lessons when quickly retorting to the bars Drake aimed at his head when the 6 God dropped “Drop & Give Me 50.”

On “Drop & Give Me 50,” which leaked on Saturday (April 13) and many initially suspected was AI-generated, Drake went at Kendrick Lamar, Future, Metro Boomin, Rick Ross and The Weeknd. As for Rozay, Drake said the Miami rapper’s biggest records owed a lot to his lyrical contributions (“I might take your latest girl and cuff her like I’m Ricky/Can’t believe he jumpin’ in, this n*gga turnin’ 50/Every song that made it on the chart, he got from Drizzy,” rapped Drake”)

If we keeping it gangster, when you see me you check me

— Yung Rénzél (@RickRoss) April 14, 2024

Rozay returned fire the same day with “Champagne Moments,” and he pulled no punches, and heaped on the slander, repeatedly calling Drake “White Boy” throughout the song. “N*ggas leakin’ their records when we speakin’ directly/If we keeping it gangsta, when you see me, you check me,” spits Rozay over the dramatic instrumental.

But the sh*t talking after the rapping was more dastardly as he accused Drake of sending French Montana a cease-and-desist letter (thus, why he unfollowed him on Instagram) and even accused the Toronto rapper of getting a nose job.

To this, Drake told his momma, adding that Rozay had gone racist, allegedly. Okay.

Drake responds to Rick Ross’s claim he got a nose job in his diss: “I would have got us a 2 for 1 deal if I went ma” pic.twitter.com/NXdMAP7PVY

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) April 14, 2024

But to show how extra surly Renzel was moving, he sported a hoodie emblazoned with Drake’s image for a performance the same evening he dropped his diss song. Nefarious.

And the next day (April 14) Ross is still going in, using Drake texting his momma about their beef as more fuel to clown “BBL Drizzy” about allegedly faked abs and to call his crew the “Pastrami Posse.”

Rick Ross responds to Drake

“BBL Drizzy” pic.twitter.com/j8tkGe1uJD

— RapTV (@Rap) April 14, 2024

Clearly, Renzel was ready for the smoke. Check out “Champagne Moments” below and reactions to Rick Ross’ retort in the gallery.

Rick Ross says Drake and OvO are the Pastrami Posse pic.twitter.com/k9SIKzS0A7

— DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) April 14, 2024

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