LE SSERAFIM Surprise Fans With Brand New Song At “Coachella 2024”

LE SSERAFIM Surprise Fans With Brand New Song At “Coachella 2024”

Everyone knew LE SSERAFIM’s Coachella 2024 set would be exciting and incredible, but it seems like no one was ready for what the girls had planned to surprise their fans with. On the festival’s second day, the Source Music quintet took to the “Sahara” stage and surprised everyone with a brand new track set to be released soon.

LE SSERAFIM at “Coachella 2024.”| @le_sserafim/X (formerly known as Twitter)

“1-800-HOT & FUN” — the group’s new single — is a wonderful new addition to LE SSERAFIM’s repertoire, which includes hit tracks such as “FEARLESS,” “ANTIFRAGILE,” and “Perfect Night.”

LE SSERAFIM performing new song “1-800-HOT & FUN” in Coachella #FIMCHELLA #LESSERAFIMatCOACHELLA#LE_SSERAFIM #Coachella pic.twitter.com/Z23TiN8gQM

— joe #FIMCHELLA (@elsserafim) April 14, 2024

The new song features a catchy chorus — “I like to dance when I party, I like to kiss everybody” — capturing the essence of a lively party and a fun summer. The performance was made even more memorable with a slower dance break that stood out, adding a different rhythm to the upbeat song while also emphasizing the girl’s stage presence and dancing skills.


— ez (@writtenbyhuh) April 14, 2024



SAKURA To The World#LESSERAFIMatCOACHELLA #FIMCHELLA #SAKURA #LE_SSERAFIM #Coachella         #Coachella2024   pic.twitter.com/HzF55X5FDo

— Mila FIMCHELLA (@milkkura39) April 14, 2024

One line has already become a fan favorite: the group is more than happy to nod at US megastar Beyonce when singing, “DJ, play something by Beyonce.” The line not only earned massive cheers at the Sahara tent by attending fans but has since become a viral sensation on X (formerly known as Twitter) as well.

LE SSERAFIM mentions Beyoncé in their new song “Hot & Fun” they performed in Coachella:

“DJ, play something by Beyoncé” #FIMCHELLA #LESSERAFIMatCOACHELLA#LE_SSERAFIM #Coachella pic.twitter.com/ARN7AA4pBL

— joe #FIMCHELLA (@elsserafim) April 14, 2024


— ًً (@formiyawaki) April 14, 2024

Online, the anticipation among fans could not be higher, with many declaring it potentially the new “hit of the summer.”

the hit of summer is comingpic.twitter.com/QlxXcGDtL2

— . (@geokonic__) April 14, 2024

LE SSERAFIM’S CROWD IN COACHELLA pic.twitter.com/j8jLlBiee6

— joe #FIMCHELLA (@elsserafim) April 14, 2024

LE SSERAFIM’s debut set at Coachella didn’t just stop at their new song; it also featured a special appearance by Nile Rodgers for the track “Unforgiven” and an English rendition of “Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s Wife.”

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