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BTS band is still a reigning champion despite the subsequent absence of some members on mandatory military service. Jin was the band’s first member to enlist in the military back in December 2022, and some other members have followed suit. But just as expected the band’s agency, BIG HIT Entertainment seemed to have fully prepared for this season, especially with new releases that have kept the band’s fans entertained all through. Despite the military enlistments, BTS still managed to make global headlines and milestones. Here are some of BTS band’s 2024 wins so far.


1. 1st Asia Star Entertainer Awards (ASEA)

BTS golden maknae, Jungkook, has yet again helped the iconic band maintain its reigning vibe. Jungkook won ASEA award’s Song of the Year award. The ASEA awards show collaborates with @star1 magazine and Newsen to appreciate global Asian and K-pop artists. Jungkook scooped the awards for his solo debut single “Seven”.


2. Topping Billboard 200 chart

BTS’s J-Hope has finally clinched a position among the top artists in the Billboard 200 chart. On April 7, J-Hope’s ‘HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1’ album ranked No.5 in this coveted chart.  Moreover, the album is Billboard 200 chart’s highest-ranking solo album. This is a huge milestone given J-Hope’s previous album, ‘Jack In The Box’, also ranked No.6 in the Billboard 200 chart for quite a while upon release.



3. Spotify’s fastest streamed Korean-language song

BTS’s Jimin has officially joined the Billions Club as of April 5. This is after the K-pop star’s solo debut track titled “Like Crazy” surpassed a billion streams on Spotify.  Taking only 377 days to surpass the billion streams mark, “Like Crazy” has also broken history and clinched the “fastest Korean-language song in Spotify” title.


4. Gold certification in France

Jungkook’s “Seven” solo debut single has earned the made a ground-breaking record in France. On April 1, the debut single was certified gold in France after surpassing 15 million streams. This not only improved Jungkook’s rating but BTS group’s fame on a global level.


5. 1st Korean soloist to chart an album for 20 weeks.

BTS’s Jungkook has broken Billboard 200 chart’s record for longest-charting K-pop solo album. Jungkook’s ‘Golden’ album, released late last year, hit a record of 20 consecutive weeks in the Billboard 2000 chart with the “Standing Next To You” single.  As of March 8, Jungkook became the 1st K-pop artist with three MVs of the same album hit 100 million streams each. All the 3 music videos, “Seven”, “3D”, and “Standing Next to You” gained over a million views making the ‘Golden’ album a hit.


6. Topping the UK’s official single chart

BTS’s V has been trending over the last few weeks for his “FRI(ENDs)” single. As of March 22, the single was charted at No.13 becoming the artist’s most highly rated single. Days before, the “FRI(ENDs)” single had topped several iTunes Charts across the world including in the US. V has so far won twice in Mnet’s MC Countdown shows and was named the 2nd best-selling song of the week in the US on March 26 after debuting in the Billboard 100 chart.


7. Ground-breaking YouTube views

BTS has over the years produced quality MVs that have had fans trickling in for more. On February 28, the band’s agency confirmed that the “Dynamite” single MV had clicked a whopping 1.8 billion views. The “Boy with Luv” MV follows behind with over 1.7 billion views followed by “IDOL” and “Fake LUV” both with over 1.2 billion views. The band’s “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA” trailer featuring RM’s “Persona” solo track has already surpassed the 100 million views mark as of March 21. Suga’s “Agust D TOUR ‘D-DAY’ THE MOVIE” trailer released on March 13 already has over 1 million views. The movie hit the IMAX and theatres worldwide on April 10 and 13.


8. Awards

In addition to Jungkook winning in the Asia Star Entertainer Awards for the ‘Golden’ album, the star also scooped the K-Pop Artist of the Year award and the Best Music Video award for the “Seven” single at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. In the same event, J-Hope clinched the Favorite on Screen award for his “J-Hope IN THE BOX” documentary while V took the Favorite Debut Album award for his ‘Layover’ album. Jungkook also took home the Male Artist of the Year award at the People’s Choice Awards.


—-Makena Mwenda



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