NMIXX Fans Come To Sullyoon’s Defense For Not Looking “Pretty Enough” While Performing

NMIXX Fans Come To Sullyoon’s Defense For Not Looking “Pretty Enough” While Performing

While visuals have always been a huge aspect of the K-Pop industry, it seems like in the last couple of years especially, the expectations for idols to always look perfect has gotten out of control. Even a moment of looking unkempt or awkward can lead to a slew of criticism online, which is undoubtedly a huge stress for some of the industry’s top artists who have become as well-known for their attractiveness as they have for their music, or even more so.

When it comes to live performances, one would hope that expectations would be lowered since it requires a lot of effort and concentration to sing well while also dancing, and trying to maintain a “pretty” face while doing all of that should be the last thing on an idol’s mind. But recently, a post was made online criticizing NMIXX‘s Sullyoon for not looking “pretty enough” during a performance, which has thankfully drawn a ton of support to Sullyoon from fans.

Sullyoon (NMIXX)

In the post, the OP shares a couple of screenshots from a performance where Sullyoon was singing live (something that is less common in today’s era, it seems, as lip syncing has become more common and likely plays a part in idols trying to look “pretty” while performing). While the screenshots are certainly not the most flattering pictures ever taken of Sullyoon, she still looks pretty in them and, even if she didn’t, they’re just a split-second moment from the performance anyway.

Firstly, even if being “pretty” while performing was that much of a requirement, there are plenty of instances where Sullyoon still looks stunning even mid-performance. She’s known as a visual for a reason, and that hasn’t changed!


But K-Pop idols are, first and foremost, performers, and they should be allowed to use whatever skills necessary they have to put on their best performance, even if that means making funny faces or having less-than-perfect moments!

Thankfully the OP of the post seems to be in the minority in their opinion, with many people coming to Sullyoon’s defense in the comments.

We’re glad to see that Sullyoon got so much support in this ridiculous situation, and hopefully no other idol has to deal with such criticism!

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