K-Pop Star Park Boram Announced Dead


30-year-old K-pop star Park Boram died on Thursday, April 11th. The police report notes that on Thursday evening, Park Boram was having a private night with friends, which included drinking. She reportedly went into the home’s bathroom around 10 pm and was there for some time. Out of concern, a friend went to check on her and found her unconscious, leaning over the sink.

She was rushed to the hospital, where some reports say she was in cardiac arrest. After several attempts to resuscitate her, she was pronounced dead at 11:17 pm. This is shocking news considering how young she was and that she was among friends at her time of death.

Park Boram had a bright future ahead. It was previously shared that she was working on an album to commemorate her 10th year in the K-pop industry. On April 3rd, she released a single titled, “I miss you.” A haunting legacy.

Park Boram has contributed so much in that short decade. She came into the spotlight as a TV singing competition star in the show Super Star K2. At just 17, she became one of the youngest finalists and finished in 8th place.



Her official debut was in August 2014, with her single “Beautiful” which featured ZICO. This hit scored her an Artist of the Year honor. The song lyrics are based on her experience of going to great lengths to be considered beautiful for her debut, something that resonated with many and made her an approachable star.

She was also well known for her contributions to several K-Drama OSTs, like the famous “Hyehwadong (or Sangmundong)” for Reply 1988. She has been a collaborator with respected artists like Eric Nam, and is well-known throughout the industry.

It is truly heartbreaking that such a talented star is now lost. However, her memory will continue to be a bright light in K-pop.


—-Ellie Boyd

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