K-Goth Outfit Past Self Debut Video for “녹슨 칼” aka “Rusty Knife”

K-Goth Outfit Past Self Debut Video for “녹슨 칼” aka “Rusty Knife”

It all began in a music production class at the College of Southern Nevada, where Will Kim (Sung) and Julian West (Spektor) joined forces with Holly Haywood (æther) to form the psychedelic band Luxury Furniture Store. As 2020 unfolded, the band embarked on a darker, more ethereal path, navigating lineup changes and new releases. They opted to forego a live drummer, sticking with their core members.

Renamed Past Self in 2023, their fusion of Korean and English lyrics, alongside swirling guitar tones, has earned them a dedicated following in the local Las Vegas music scene.

Their latest offering, titled 녹슨 칼 (pronounced nogk-seun kahl) or Rusty Knife, delves into the theme of feeling ostracized and obscure within society, and the journey of learning to embrace such a state.

The song speaks of a long-time friendship turned sour, likening it to a rusty knife that continues to cause harm. Despite pretending not to notice the flaws, the pain persists. The speaker reflects on the exhaustion and hunger caused by this toxic relationship. The repeated refrain emphasizes the metaphor of the rusty knife, symbolizing the enduring toxicity.

The video, masterfully directed by Of Sun Media, unveils a gripping tale set within the eerie confines of a haunted house. As the gang navigates its shadowy corridors, viewers are drawn into a mysterious realm where ghostly apparitions weave a hypnotic spell, luring an unsuspecting visitor into their midst. Yet, amidst the haunting melodies and spectral allure, one wonders: is it an enchanting spell or a treacherous trap awaiting the unwary?

Watch the video for “녹슨 칼,” aka “Rusty Knife,” below:

Past Self’s unique blend of aural aesthetics, dubbed “K-Goth,” conjures the spirit of iconic bands like The Cure, The Horrors, and My Bloody Valentine. With performances alongside notable acts such as Mareux, Drab Majesty, and Twin Tribes, they’ve carved a distinct niche in an increasingly diverse scene. Their EP Die Cry Hate, unveiled last summer, showcases their ongoing evolution and artistic vision.

Listen to Die Cry Hate below and purchase here:

Die Cry Hate EP by past self

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