Dreams of Diseases and Desire — Listen to Swedish Post-Punk Ensemble It’s For Us’ “Out of Time” LP

Dreams of Diseases and Desire — Listen to Swedish Post-Punk Ensemble It’s For Us’ “Out of Time” LP

I been having dreams of diseases and desire

Something is lacking in my life

I won’t let myself be guided by fear

And whatever comes I’ll be all right

Emerging from the frozen epoch of the pandemic with a palpable sense of renewal, Sweden’s It’s For Us makes a resounding return with their latest album, “Out Of Time.” This record melds ethereal vocals with brooding melodies into hauntingly rich tones that resonate with deep emotion. It draws parallels from The Smiths and The Jesus and Mary Chain, blending ’60s pop sensibilities with the creative essence of acts like Lush and Black Tambourine. The album channels the retro vibe of The Shangri-Las its distinct Wrecking Crew-esque pop-driven sound.

Amidst a creative hiatus prompted by significant personal and global changes, It’s For Us has refined their approach, seamlessly fusing the introspective depth and lush sonics of shoegaze with the sharp, melodic structures of modern post-punk. This self-produced album not only broadens the band’s already compelling oeuvre but also redefines it, offering an invigorating glimpse into the band’s evolved artistry from cascading crystalline anthems like “Stay” and “You Are The One” released in what seems like a previous lifetime, albeit, four years ago.

Out Of Time deftly integrates a spectrum of their musical influences, such as DIIV, Ladytron, TV On The Radio, Beach Fossils, The Cult, and Wild Nothing, and more, crafting a windswept soundscape that is as dynamic as it is textured. The album captures the fleeting whispers of parting and the ephemeral nature of existence, delivering an experience that is both raw and profoundly engaging. With each track, It’s For Us invites listeners into a realm where the echoes of goodbye linger, crafting a mosaic of sound that is as timeless as it is poignant.

Opening the album is the title track Out Of Time, which speaks of enduring companionship amidst hardships, acknowledging the capturing of hearts and the intertwined roles of guide and guided. The desire for continued togetherness is expressed despite the inevitable passing of time, with a sense of gratitude for safety and presence, and a final farewell as time runs out.

The pop sadness Sandy Beaches extends an invitation to a loved one, offering solace in times of fear or confusion. Despite feeling out of place in a world of conventional beauty and joy, there’s acknowledgment of bravery and beauty in uniqueness. The reassurance that being an artist or poet is valuable, even in loneliness, resonates throughout the track.

Hit The Ground asserts an unyielding, resilient spirit against the threat of falling. Embracing a history of overcoming obstacles, the singer refuses to succumb to fear, embodying strength born from adversity and the resolve to rise above expectations. I’ve Got Good News conveys a mixture of excitement and reservation regarding the future. There’s a palpable tension, however, surrounding the notion of forgiveness and its elusive nature. The absence of support during significant moments contrasts with the desire for acknowledgement.

A personal journey marked by pivotal decisions and inner conflict is depicted in If It Wasn’t For You. Transitioning from one chapter to the next, there’s a recognition of flaws and the struggle to break free from cyclical patterns. Despite a sense of isolation, there’s a yearning for newfound freedom and self-discovery, tempered by the influence of others. Defiance and determination is the theme of Only The Brave, celebrating unconventionality. It is a celebration of the assertion of one’s identity with unwavering authenticity, inviting others to engage and provoke change.

The visceral Ballad of the Body grapples with the weight of memories and the bitterness of regret. Each touch, each kiss, now burdensome, paints a picture of internal turmoil and self-reproach as one confronts their own actions and the pain inflicted by others, yearning to break free from the suffocating grip of the past. Likewise, the intense Year of The Wolf also grapples with memories and the desire for freedom. Despite longing for companionship, there’s a simultaneous pull towards independence and self-discovery, symbolized by the call of the wild.

A sense of entrapment and longing for escape within the complexities of a relationship takes centre stage in Trapped.  Sometimes the weight of unresolved issues proves too much to bear, and the simplicity of nature too irresistible. Amidst feelings of sadness and uncertainty, there’s a poignant questioning of deservingness and a yearning for direction. Finally, Holiday Is Over shows a determination not to be swayed by fear, embracing whatever challenges may come. There’s a cautious acknowledgment of the need to remain vigilant and adaptable, even in times of relative ease.

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Out Of Time by It’s For Us

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