Actor Is Forced To Apologize For Not Doing Fanchants At IU’s Concert

Actor Is Forced To Apologize For Not Doing Fanchants At IU’s Concert

Since the beginning of March, IU has been busy with her latest world tour H.E.R.


24.03.02 (SAT) 6PM / 24.03.03 (SUN) 5PM
24.03.09 (SAT) 6PM / 24.03.10 (SUN) 5PM아이유 #IU#HER #HER_WORLD_TOUR

— 아이유(IU) (@_IUofficial) January 23, 2024

As expected, ticketing for IU’s shows hasn’t been easy. And, even if you have a ticket, there may be a chance that you won’t be allowed in.

Fans Call IU To Step Up Amidst EDAM Entertainment’s Ticketing Fiasco

Now, there is even a case where an actor got into the concert with a legally purchased ticket but ended up facing harassment from netizens because he didn’t do fanchants.

Poster for IU’s concert in Taipei | KKTIX

When IU brought her world tour to Taipei on April 6 and 7, famous actor Kaiko (also known as Ke Zhen Dong) was among the audience. Kaiko debuted in Taiwan over 12 years ago and rose to stardom after starring in the hit film You’re the Apple of My Eye.

Poster for “You Are the Apple of My Eye” | @pian0214/Pixnet

Kaiko was spotted on the big screen (wearing sunglasses) during the show, seemingly fanboying over IU, just like a regular fan, with his dad.


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When news spread that Kaiko was in attendance, netizens quickly assumed he didn’t pay for his tickets and got in through connections since it was extremely difficult for the general public to score tickets through regular means. This prompted Kaiko’s dad to post a picture of their tickets, clearly showing they paid the regular price.

Kaiko dad’s post showing the tickets | @koyihungeric/Threads

Additionally, a post accusing Kaiko of not doing fanchants went viral.


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Haha, I don’t know what to say. I’ll cheer you on tomorrow, IU!! This concert sucks now because of certain people’s actions.

– OP’s caption

In the attached image, OP had the following conversation with a friend.

Friend: Kaiko is sitting behind me.
OP: Does he know how to do fanchants…
Friend: No, he’s been pretty quiet.

– OP’s chat

Other netizens were also unimpressed.

“The background music was even louder than the fanchants. I’m so mad.” “I saw a bunch of influencers and celebrities go in…^_^” “F*ck, a bunch of fake fans.” “Many celebrities attended just to post about it on social media. Meanwhile, I couldn’t f*cking get in. I’m so pissed off.”

Eventually, Kaiko made posts addressing netizens’ accusations.


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It’s not nearly enough to simply like your acting and performance! So it turns out, to like and admire someone…

I’ve got lots to learn! Sorry! I’ll put in a great effort to learn!

– Kaiko


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Netizen: Start learning fanchants from now on. I like you, and I also like IU

Kaiko: I didn’t know this was required to see the idol of your dreams! Sorry! I’ll learn.

– Chat between netizen and Kaiko

What’s your take on the situation?

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