When is ‘Fortnite’ split-screen back in-game?

Split-screen is one of Fortnite‘s most important features. The game is all about bringing players together whether in PvE modes, on the racing track, or in the arena fighting to the death, and for a long while now you have been able to do that with a friend in the same room thanks to split-screen play.

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However, if you have loaded into the game recently you may be wondering where split-screen has actually gone. Well, Epic Games has removed it and it looks like it will be gone for a decent length of time. Here is what we know about its removal and when split-screen will be back.

When is ‘Fortnite’ split-screen back in-game?

Epic Games hasn’t announced when split-screen will return to Fortnite. On Twitter/X, Epic Games said on April 9, 2024 “while we work to resolve a matchmaking issue, we are temporarily disabling Splitscreen play. We’ll provide another update when we have more info and this issue is fixed.”

However, three days on we still don’t have an update on the status of split-screen play and when it will return. While we can assume it will stay removed until Epic Games works on fixing the issue it has run into, hopefully the studio can provide more updates as to what that problem is as soon as possible.

Credit: Epic Games

We will update this guide as and when we get more information and details on split-screen’s return. This isn’t the first time we have seen a big feature or mode have to be removed from the game recently, as it’s been running into more issues since being expanded with more game modes.

With the launch of Rocket Racing, Fortnite Festival, and LEGO Fortnite back in December, Epic Games now has to manage four separate experiences, on top of all the other Battle Royale experiences and games players are creating. This has resulted in many server outages recently, including when Chapter 5 Season 2 dropped.

If you are still hopping in to play, you can check out a bunch of Coachella-themed cosmetics and play a ton of new songs in Fortnite Festival, alongside the real-life festival this weekend!

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