Security Guard Goes Viral For “Manhandling” ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon

Security Guard Goes Viral For “Manhandling” ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon

An airport security guard has gone viral for the way he carried out his job. While security checks at the airport are regular, most just do a simple pat down.

One security guard on ENHYPEN‘s way to Taiwan has gained attention. Although he politely averted his eyes, his hands were firmly on Sunghoon‘s butt.

Fans were shocked at the photo. Some playfully wondered if the security guard was a fan.

저사람 핸드폰에 위버스 깔려있는지 확인해봐봐

— 99 (@en99ene) April 12, 2024

You need to check if he has Weverse on his phone.


Others took it a little more seriously.

아저씨 만지지마세요

— (@huhuhmhm) April 12, 2024

Ahjussi, don’t touch.

— huhuhmuhm

They wondered if it was usually part of the job.

근데 원래 이렇게 궁뎅이를 쪼물딱 하나용?

— 썬키스 (@fullsun_kiss) April 12, 2024

But do they normally squish your butt like that?

— fullsun_kiss

that’s too personal

— mine (@main_visualpsh) April 12, 2024

At least some fans took it with good humor.

touching the peaches for good luck

— 엘 (@BlockbusterSNOO) April 12, 2024

The photo soon went viral with over 800,000 views. It is not the first time that ENHYPEN’s security checks have come into attention. Previously, Manila airport staff received criticism for their unprofessional attitude.

Fans Enraged Over ENHYPEN’s Treatment From “Unprofessional” Airport Staff

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