After catching wind of Chris Brown’s diss, Quavo wastes no time firing back with his “Tender” release.

Produced by Atake, Sluzyyy, JW Lucas, Huncho delivers a subliminal bars aimed at his R&B nemesis.

“You did the bitch wrong and now the bitch gone, she posted with a thug / Call the bitch phone, she won’t come home, don’t beat her up,” he raps on the hook before later adding, “Trained to go when it’s time to battle, yeah, we on the block / Wiping your nose with the tissue, not wiping no snot / Tell me, lil’ bro, what’s your issue? It’s over a thot / You said that it’s bigger than that, but no, it is not.”

“Tender” is in response to Chris Brown’s “Freak” which appears on his 11:11 (Deluxe), where Breezy raps “Okay, now fuckin’ my old bitches ain’t gon’ make us equal / Sipping that 1942 cause I don’t do no Cuervo Freak bitch, she like Casamigos, not the Migos.”

“Tender” arrives on the heels of Quavo’s “Potato Loaded” featuring Destroy Lonely.

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