Please Grant Me This Wish — Post-Punk Trio Monta at Odds Debut New Single “Forget About You”

Please Grant Me This Wish — Post-Punk Trio Monta at Odds Debut New Single “Forget About You”

Nouveau post-punk ensemble Monta at Odds returns with their latest single, “Forget About You,” released under The Record Machine label. As they pared down into a fiery trio, Monta at Odds delivers a danceable fusion of past and present sounds that crystallize into a raw yet polished auditory experience.

Exploring the delicate balance between allure and peril. “Forget About You” unfolds as a dark-hued odyssey, melding an urgent plea to resist dangerous enticements with a sound that captures the intense pull of its own rhythms and melodies. Mikal’s voice delivers a tone of desperation, resonating over the backdrop of relentless, driving rhythms and intricately woven guitar and bass riffs, which artistically echo the dire consequences of yielding to temptation.

Musically, “Forget About You” straddles the realms of light and shadow, infusing disco-funk pop with layers of jangly, effervescent indie and dream pop guitar textures. Mikal Shapiro’s rich, dark vocal delivery brings depth and ardor to the track, driving an infectious melody that channels the vibrant energy of Manchester’s post-punk scene, reminiscent of bands like A Certain Ratio and New Order. While the song’s stylistic elements might remind listeners of the buoyant melodies of these bands, there is also a possible lyrical nod to The Smiths’ “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want,” suggesting a subtle undercurrent of longing and vulnerability that could resonate with fans familiar with the iconic band’s introspective and plaintive style.

Listen to “Forget About You” below:

Forget About You by Monta at Odds

Monta at Odds, hailing from Kansas City, continues to navigate the shifting landscape of the music industry. Embracing changes in lineup and musical direction, the band embodies the ethos of its name, “to climb higher.” With each release, Monta at Odds not only ascends musically but also expands its community. Krysztof’s baritone guitar, Dedric’s synth explorations, and Mikal’s songwriting synergize to transform noisy, pulsing soundscapes into melodic pop hooks.

As Monta at Odds prepares to release their debut EP later this year, “Forget About You” stands as a testament to their evolving sound and their commitment to melding sonic depth with accessible melodies.

Monta at Odds:


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