LE SSERAFIM’s Official WikiTree Page Sparks Outrage

LE SSERAFIM’s Official WikiTree Page Sparks Outrage

The official WikiTree page of LE SSERAFIM has raised eyebrows recently after fans noticed a questionable entry.

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WikiTree is the equivalent of Wikipedia in South Korea. Hence, it is an essential resource for fans to get to know any artist. The content on Wikitree is expected to be fact-based rather than opinion-based, making it a more reliable database. So, when LE SSERAFIM fans noticed an entire paragraph dedicated to criticizing the group on their Wikitree page, it immediately stirred up a heated discussion.

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Under the section on the group’s live performances, netizens found an odd paragraph individually calling out the members’ live singing skills in less-than-factual language.

Apart from Kim Chaewon and Huh Yunjin, many consider the live singing skills of the other members to be terrible. Taking Sakura’s Japanese activities into account, Sakura has over 10 years of experience but her singing skills and Korean pronunciation are deplorable, and many say that her Korean pronunciation cannot be understood at all unless you read the lyrics. Hong Eunchae received a lot of criticism for her singing style, which makes it seem like she’s suppressing her burp, and she often avoids performing live during encore stages. Kazuha, too, has been criticized several times for her poor singing.

The paragraph eventually read like a frustrated rant, complaining about LE SSERAFIM’s “Dokgi” concept, which refers to a fierce and passionate image.

This lack of skill was further highlighted in conjunction with the Dokgi concept, and many criticize that the group doesn’t have enough skills to fit the concept. There are even voices suggesting that it is time for them to change the Dokgi concept.

While LE SSERAFIM’s live performances have often been criticized, it was unexpected for an official Wikitree page to contain such an entry. Netizens felt that it almost read like a hate comment.

| Instiz “That’s really just a hate comment.” “Did they just copy-paste it from Nate Pann?”
— “Yup. I don’t read Wikitree (for this reason) TT.” “They could have limited access to the Wikitree page by imposing login and IP restrictions. That burp comment was too much…” “There are a lot of malicious comments here. I totally agree that these are just haters.” “If they had just written stuff like their live performances are lacking or disappointing, I wouldn’t have said this, but seeing the kind of phrases they used, it’s definitely a hate comment.”

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