Korean Man Risks His Life To Stop An Attacker Assaulting A Woman He “Suspected” To Be A Feminist

Korean Man Risks His Life To Stop An Attacker Assaulting A Woman He “Suspected” To Be A Feminist

A Korean man in his 50s is set to be designated as a “wounded noble person” by the law and receive compensation from the government.

The city government of Jinju, South Korea, reportedly granted a model citizen certificate to the man after he risked his life to save a woman from a misogynistic assault. He will be honored as per the Act on Honorable Treatment and Support for Persons Who Died or Were Injured for Public Good, which stipulates benefits for those who died or were injured while making rescue efforts without any official duty to do so. These benefits include compensation, job security, and even the privilege to be buried in the National Cemetery in cases of particularly valuable contributions.

The 50-something brave citizen inserted himself in a dangerous situation last November, trying to save the life of a local store clerk. According to reports, that day, a 20-something man started physically assaulting a female convenience store clerk, who was also in her 20s, in Hadae-dong, Jinju. The attacker reportedly suspected her to be a feminist since she had short hair and told the clerk that all “feminists should be beaten up.” As a result of this assault, the victim sustained serious injuries, including irreversible hearing impairment.

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The man in his 50s was present at the site and put his life on the line to stop the attacker. The attacker hit him with a chair, leaving his shoulder, forehead, and nose fractured. The trauma of the attack also led to him quitting his job, and since then, he has been suffering through financial difficulties.

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Injuries sustained by the 50-something customer | Yonhap 

When asked about why he stepped in, he told the victim that it was impossible for him to just stand there “as a father,” noting that he had a daughter around the same age.

I’d do the same if it happened all over again. I believe other people, anyone else, would’ve done the same.

— The good samaritan

The attacker was slated to be sentenced in Changwon District Court on April 12, KST. Prosecutors requested five years in prison on charges of special bodily injury on another, but he ended up getting only three years.

Netizens, however, feel that South Korea needs to introduce better laws to fight gender-based violence and hope that the victim also gets similar support from the government.

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