K-Pop Idol Begs Fans To Stop Giving Him Gifts

Fans often purchase gifts for their favorite music artists as tokens of appreciation and love. Some will send to the artist, and many will give it to them in person at fan signs.

Huening Bahiyyih with gifts

Some lucky fans have also noticed their biases continue using the items they purchased.


shownu is wearing my gift for the second time…..thank you #셔누 pic.twitter.com/Cs9Co0qAjA

— ʚ 셔누방 ɞ (@shownubang) June 6, 2021

Yet, one idol’s fans have now been asked to refrain from giving any more gifts.

Former FM Entertainment trainee and pre-debut M.O.N.T Arena member Beomhan recently held a live broadcast via Instagram. He talked about his upcoming events, as he holds concerts and fanmeetings.

During the live broadcast, a fan asked him if he had looked at gifts yet. Beomhan said, “Yes,” then added, “Stop giving me gifts!”

I think it’s time for me to admit something.  Alright, everybody, if you’re screen-recording, stop. ‘Cause this is embarrassing, okay? I… Hmm… How do I say this?

— Beomhan

Beomhan | FM Entertainment

Beomhan begged his fans to stop giving him large gifts. He explained that it’s become increasingly difficult to travel with everything, as the luggage fees are so expensive and he’s currently broke.

Stop giving me gifts! I can’t take these gifts back. Because I am paying for my own luggage now, and it hurts my pocket because I don’t have enough space to bring back all these gifts.

— Beomhan

| @beomhanofficial/Instagram

Beomhan explained that he originally wanted gifts because his company wouldn’t pay him. So, for three years, he collected gifts like prizes after completing a quest.

I kept asking for gifts when I was a trainee in my company because they were not paying me. Okay? …I started treating these gifts as like… You know when you’re playing a mobile game like an RPG, and you go and complete a quest, and then you get a bunch of loot … This is how I was treating the tours ’cause I wasn’t getting money.

— Beomhan

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He still has a collection of all the gifts over the years. His mom currently has most, and he enjoys reflecting on his memories with fans.

Every single time I would look back at these gifts, I’d be like, ‘Oh my God, this is like that one time on March 3rd’ … I’d look back on it all sentimental, and I’d keep it all in like a room … with my mom. And my mom has this like this secret stash in my Brooklyn house with all the gifts I had over the last three years, but now I can’t…

— Beomhan

Jay Chang (left) and Beomhan (right)

Despite this, Beomhan again asked fans to hold back on the gift-giving. He can’t take back all the gifts because he can’t afford to.

I have to bring a separate suitcase everywhere I go, and it hurts. I am poor. …I can’t bring these gifts back anymore.

— Beomhan

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Beomhan offered alternatives to fans who still want to give him a gift. He revealed that he loves fans’ letters, and they encourage him during difficult times.

Write me letters. I love letters. Every single time I’m sad, I just open up your letters, and I just read it. I wanted to make a whole huge wall where I hang up everyone’s fan letters and stuff, so write me letters.

— Beomhan

| @beomhanofficial/Instagram

One fan suggested Beomhan invest in a PO Box, and another told him to “accept” the gifts anyway. So, he explained that he does really appreciate the kind gesture of gift-giving.

When you guys give me gifts… I appreciate it so much. It’s that feeling, you know, it’s like you go out, and you think, ‘I’m going to see Beomhan … I’m going to get him a gift,’ and it’s that thought in an object, and that moment where you hand it off and then I take it, and I receive, and I’m like, ‘Oh wow, this person thought of me in this way.’ That is the beautiful thing about gifts especially since we don’t have a lot of time in the fanmeetings…

— Beomhan

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Beomhan emphasized that he loved gifts but is just struggling to transport them to and from locations because of expensive luggage fees. He continued to explain that he would continue to appreciate anything he was given, especially letters or small gifts.

More and more artists are asking fans to stop sending or giving them gifts. It’s not because they are ungrateful or have too much. Sometimes, it’s for safety purposes. Many will ask for letters or donations made on their behalf as alternatives. Read more below.

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