Gabrielknowseverything to releases new album ‘Philistine’

Gabrielknowseverything to releases new album ‘Philistine’

Gabrielknowseverything opens up in his pensive new album ‘Philistine’, delving into complexities of belonging and identity, advocating integrity at the heart of his lyricism, and championing individuality. Each of the 11 tracks carry a sound that is dark and hazy, propelling the listener into a whirlwind of gripping and voltaic soundscapes. His emotive message is inspiringly and rawly conveyed, blending an alternative mix of hip-hop beats, rock and electronic instrumentals, topped with passionate R&B style vocals.

Discussing his new album, Gabriel said: “Philistine is a personal expression of identity, or the lack thereof. It is an album for anyone who has ever felt disenfranchised, either for being an immigrant, or for those who are identified as strangers in a strange land. There is power in this lack of identity once we embrace it. Philistine is all about embracing that disenfranchisement, and turning it into a powerful strength, rather than a fault. I drew on my experiences as a son of a refugee, as a Palestinian-American, and as an absentee poet, per Khalil Gibran, as inspiration for these concepts. Our differences, ultimately, define us as who we are, and this is Philistine’s most important message. My name is Gabrielknowseverything, I am Palestinian-American, my family hails from Gaza, I was born and raised in the United States, and I am a Philistine.”

Gabrielknowseverything is a Palestinian-American artist whose sound can best be described as ‘alternative’. It’s apparent, upon listening, that a bevy of influences serve to bolster his vision ranging from more mainstream acts such as Post Malone, The Weeknd and 6lack, to more underground styles such as the post-grunge movement, $uicideBoy$ and Ghostemane. 

Gabriel began making music in 2016, and quickly began to carve out a niche for himself in the Florida area. By 2018, Gabriel was able to leverage a strong SoundCloud presence, and his alternative and richly textured R&B, into several tours that spanned the Florida peninsula, and a sold out headline show at Soundbar located in Orlando, FL. During this time period, Gabriel managed to teach himself how to play guitar, and has consistently developed his sound to become more nuanced and complex, while still remaining true to his initial vision. Amassing nearly 500,000 streams to date, and over a thousand tickets sold in Florida alone, Gabrielknowseverything has shown himself to be a dynamic addition to the music industry, with the potential to become a fixture to many listeners for years to come.

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