Elon Musk Being Petty?: Premium Users Can No Longer Hide Their Blue Checkmarks On X

Elon Musk Being Petty?: Premium Users Can No Longer Hide Their Blue Checkmarks On X

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If you got a blue checkmark courtesy of X, Elon Musk wants the world to know so.

Spotted on The Verge, premium X users are finding out they can no longer hide their blue checkmarks and are sharing a notification they are receiving informing them of the new X, formerly Twitter policy.

Last summer, Elon Musk’s lame version of Twitter made showing your blue checkmark optional after X introduced a new subscription feature, giving subscribers the once highly coveted sign that they were part of an elite group.

It’s unclear why X is now doing it, but the timing comes after many celebrities and notable people who vowed to never pay for X to keep their blue checkmarks, now have them after X began “gifting” subscriptions to users with high numbers of verified users.

Twitter says it is removing the “hide your checkmark” feature lolololol pic.twitter.com/PQFPbAGhef

— Ben Goggin (@BenjaminGoggin) April 11, 2024

Those users who received their blue checkmarks began hiding them after announcing to their followers that they had not paid for them.

So this feels like Elon Musk being a douchebag and telling his team to make that move to spite those people who are spiting him and his company.

The social media formerly known as Twitter has been a hot mess since Elon Musk reluctantly purchased it. He changed the name and then rolled out the subscription platform, which was immediately abused by scammers who used to verify fake accounts and fool people.

Some people with blue checkmarks became the target of online harassment and mass blocking before giving users with more than a million followers blue checkmarks.

X is an ongoing mess, but we will stick beside it until the wheels fall off like everyone else.

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